Spanish couple viciously attacked in York for being foreign

The man was continuously attacked as he staggered down Coney Street


A Spanish couple were attacked in York city centre – because they were not English.

A 24-year old man and his 29-year old girlfriend were in York on holiday last week, and were leaving a bar in the city centre when they were set upon by the group.

Five men, all described as white, in their mid-twenties and with short or shaven hair, held the man’s girlfriend down while they kicked and punched him for around 10 minutes.

Although the incident occurred near The Shambles, the man was continuously attacked as he staggered to Coney Street, then St. Helen’s Square. A passing taxi driver eventually clocked the incident and the men fled the scene.

The man was taken to York Hospital where he received treatment for a broken jaw, chipped teeth and bruising.

The assault comes just a short time after a survey voted York one of the safest cities in the world.

The group were also described as all speaking with English accents, and one was described as being around 5ft 7in and wearing a light-coloured t-shirt and trousers.

Police are keen to find witnesses to the attack, and also to track down the taxi driver who helped the couple.

PC Sophie Wilson of North Yorkshire Police said: “The victims are extremely grateful to the taxi driver for having the decency to stop and help when they were in a very frightening situation.

“This is a disturbing incident which will quite rightly shock the local community in York and those who regard the city as a friendly and safe place to visit.

“We are providing support to the young couple from Spain who have had their stay tarnished in the most sickening and vicious way.”