Five minutes with YUSU pres candidate: Ron Weasley

Bloody hell

Another candidate, another interview filled with real questions you want answers to.

We caught up with York Uni’s one and only Ron Weasley.

Ron 4 YUSU Pres

History of Magic, second Year


The Burrow in Devon.

Sum up your campaign in three points

Magic, mirth and bad mathematics.

Since running for Pres has anyone asked for a ride on your broomstick

One person did ask, although I couldn’t tell if they meant it or were just a boggart in disguise.

Did you say yes?

No, what would Hermione say?

(What a loyal lad)

Describe your ideal first date

Maybe a nice trip to the Hog’s Head for a butterbeer, or tickets to see my favourite Quidditch Team. Unlike Harry whose idea of a perfect date is trying to save an elf whilst almost being killed by an evil wizard. I like to think he would do less well on Take Me Out.

Snog, marry, avoid: Professor Mcgonagall, Luna Lovegood, Cho Chang

Avoid McGonagall, she is a sweetheart but I don’t fancy kissing someone who can transform into a cat. Have a little bit of an allergy, Snog Cho Chang and marry Luna as she’d always have my back in a fight with a dementor (or as it’s known in the muggle world, dealing with Willow Bouncers).

How did you spend Valentine’s Day?

It was just your average Valentines day really, trip to the Cinema, nice restaurant, getting attacked in the Anglia by a werewolf, you know the usual stuff.

If you fail to get presidency, what will you do next year?

Battle Voldemort across the world, finally defeating the Dark Arts forever, getting rid of any horcruxes that still remain, getting through a dinner with Ginny and Harry without telling them to get a room.

Describe your leadership style: Dumbledore (kind but authoritative), Snape (harsh but secretly caring), Tom and George (yolo).

My leadership style would hopefully be a mixture of all three, however I might have to throw in a little Umbridge if someone has a go at my hair again!

Have you cast spells on the other candidates – explain who, what spells and why

Ben Leatham was actually really tiny, until I cast that engorgio spell on him. Though I do think Sam (Re)Bourne may have been using the resurrection stone without my know how.

Lastly, Kuda, Salvo, Fibbers or Revs?

(The Whomping) Willow