We asked how many people you pulled last term

The freshers were pretty tame

Because you were weirdly keen to know when people last had sex, and then you went mad when we told you James were the best college in bed. 

Once again, we patrolled both campuses to ask you what everyone wants to know about your personal lives. This time around, we asked how many people you managed to pull back in first term.

Turns out, even though you were all pretty hands on at the start of Spring term, you weren’t all that brilliant when it came to pulling at the start of the year. Maybe with the recent cold weather, you’ve decided to find more creative ways of keeping warm – or maybe you were just lying.

Either way, even though there were a few impressive feats, it was a real anti-climax for the most part.

Also, quite surprisingly, the majority of those asked were first years – meaning the Freshers this year didn’t seem to get around much. Either congratulations are in order for avoiding the dreaded mistakes made in that first week, or they’re letting the side down.

We feel we should also point out that we left the term “pulled” open to interpretation, from copping a feel to getting a shag at the end. However, it’s pretty safe to say that most people figured it meant just “tashing on”.

First year, Psychology

First year, Physics

First year, English and Related Literature

“I had a challenge to get off with someone on every night out…so I did.”

First year, Political and Social Sciences

First year, Law

Second year, Film & TV Production

“I tried to get with a girl, but only really managed to cop a feel.” 

Not convinced that counts, but okay.

First year, Biomedical Science

Boyfriend material

First year, Computer Science

Gym sock material

First year, English and Related Literature

First year, Economics

What we can conclude from our extensive research in this case is that this year’s freshers are particularly tame. Either that, or the slutty ones were all “otherwise engaged” when we were doing our rounds.