Champagne to snapbacks: Has uni changed anyone more than this guy?

‘I’m converted, innit’

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Freshers no doubt went home at Christmas to be greeted by comments about the dreaded “freshers flab”, their poor budgeting and worrying reliance on alcohol.

But the transformation undergone by one fresher from privately-educated Tom Jackson to ghetto “Tommy J” was far more drastic and unexpected.

Let’s paint a picture of Freshers’ Week. Arriving at Constantine College, posh boy Tom only pre-drank with the finest Bordeaux wine and wore blazers to Salvos.

This was all to change after befriending a bunch of Londoners, jokingly referred to by residents of block D1 as “Squad” pictured below.

Tiki Bar, Kuda – where “squad” belong

Weeks later, the once future David Cameron, has traded in his Barbour jacket for anything featuring his new idol, A$AP Rocky, and can never leave the house without sporting one of his many snapbacks.

What a gent

Describing his transformation, Somerset native Tom said: “I’m converted. Innit.”

But the former Dolly Parton fan shocked his family when he came home. His mother said: “I was quite surprised how much Tom had changed when he came home at Christmas.

“Especially from the University of York! I thought his ‘old’ self would fit in perfectly.

“But he’s still my kind and thoughtful Tom, and I still love him just the same.”

She loves him just the same

Who wears hats indoors?

Squad also seem to be proud of their little protégé, satisfied with the fact they have accomplished the impossible.

The remainder of the D1 residents are also amused by this makeover, but are getting sick of the excess amount of Kanye West being played in the flat.

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