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After these Notts students got stranded at a bowling alley with a 4.8x Uber surge, they decided to take a two mile trek home in the snow

One does not simply walk into Lenton

Four friends that were expecting a quiet night of bowling got a lot more than they bargained for when they got snowed in and Uber prices surged to 4.8x their regular value.

Matt Charles, Jake Appleton, Will Young, Georgie Byrant, and Charlie Rogerson set out to enjoy an evening of ten-pin bowling and some cheap pints. However upon finishing their game they discovered that there "was about a foot of snow, DG weren’t answering and none of us had our cars".

Not to be disuaded by adverse conditions they began their walk home, but like the fellowship in the Lord of the Rings they found that one does not simply walk into Lenton.

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The group begins their journey.

They began their walk along the motorway in order to get home to the relative warmth of student housing. They resorted to SoS texts and survival updates for the people closest to them "After a minute of being outside, some of us felt the need to text our mum’s, as survival was now not a certainty" says Jake.

Things quickly went wrong with the boys unequipped for the rigours of a snowy hike, Will twisted his ankle after slipping on ice and the rest of the group took it in turns to carry him. They resorted to dragging him up the hill on a piece of cardboard that they had discovered.

"But it was after 200 meters that we realised that it’d have to be every man for himself. We left him at the roundabout coming off the A52 and prayed that he’d make it", says Jake.

At this point, things took a turn, with one member of the group genuinely thinking that it might have been the end. With no coat, no socks, and -12 conditions, survival was becoming less and less definite. But Jake says that "having left the weakest member, this was where we became a team"

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Two of our heroes at the El Paso Grill.

Somehow they used teamwork to pull of a miracle and made it safely back to Lenton. Some of the gang stopped at the El Paso Grill to refill on calories lost to the hike, whilst the others carried on to Sainsburys.