Revision and exams won’t stop this lot being the best dressed on campus

You never know who you’re gonna meet in the library

We’re back with the best dressed of the week, did you miss us?

Of course you did

If you wore any of these things in 2017 you committed a crime against fashion

Maybe we should have just skipped this year

The countdown to Christmas has begun, so here’s this week’s best dressed in the mean time

Queue Mariah

Here are all the best shops offering 50 per cent off this BLACK FRIDAY

Some of the sales have already started

Oh look! It’s this week’s best dressed on campus

Fur, fur, everywhur

Winter is coming, but so are this week’s best dressed students on campus

And they’re wrapped up for the cold season

Look no further for the best dressed students on campus this week

They’re right here, silly!

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These are literally the best dressed students in the UK this week

You don’t even come close

Campus is a runway and these are the best dressed people on it

Werk it

These are undoubtedly the freshest outfits on campus this week

They definitely are, I checked

I have a lot of questions for these leggings that double up as boots

Firstly how dare you

No seriously, which uni really has the most fashionable students? Vote now

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