Posh girls lent

11 things all posh girls desperately need to give up for Lent right now

3. Depop

We’re just going to hold our hands up and say it: Posh girls have a lot of vices. From wearing linen trousers to nightclubs to having more chunky rings than we do fingers— there are definitely some improvements to be made in 2024. First order of business: Someone, please, make us all stop saying “peng” and “baccy”.

So, in the spirit of self-improvement and, as Lent is upon us, here are 11 things any posh girl would do well to give up for the next 40 days and 40 nights. Though, tbh, we’d be proud if you just quit even one:

1. Oat Lattes

Grabbing yourself a daily oat latte is an easy way to spend your trust fund money. It sometimes feels like the only way to get you through University deadlines and the stress of exams. There’s just something about it that makes you feel productive and ready for the day. If you manage to give up this you have serious will power.

2. Only shopping at Waitrose

At this point it’s embarrassing. You must have some serious savings to still be doing your weekly shop here and you probs aren’t even aware there is a Cost of Living crisis. Just shop at Aldi like the rest of us.

3. Depop

This app has been taken over by posh girlies selling their unwanted Prada handbags and Jimmy Choo shoes, please leave room for the rest of us to find some bargains.

4. Weekly salon appointments

It may be all too tempting to spend your money on glamming yourself up, do you even own your own shampoo or is your stylist your personal hair washer? You seem to have perfectly styled hair everyday and it’s annoying. I don’t even want to know the amount you spend to look that way.

5. Wearing your Ralph Lauren sweatshirts

You can spot a posh girl from a mile away, the first signal is what they wear. It’s time to change your wardrobe and stop standing out as a Tory.

6. Going to the Races

This has become a staple in a posh girl’s uni life. Wearing knee high boots, vintage skirts and sunglasses when it’s literally winter. Wasting your money on silly bets on whichever horse you think has the cutest name, it’s becoming a bit of an addiction.

7. Eating out every week

Not only do you shop at Waitrose, but half the week you decide to treat yourself and eat out. You don’t even go to a cheap little Italian, no you spoil yourself with high-end afternoon teas and three-course meals.

8. North Face puffers

Surely these need to go out of fashion now? They have been in style for years and it’s time to wear something different. I can’t wait for summer when I no longer have to see these, they’re such an eyesore.

9. City breaks

Stop booking a trip away with your daddy’s money at any minor inconvenience. If you spend your weekends sipping cocktails and soaking up that European sun you need to snap back into reality. Maybe I am slightly jealous though.

10. Making the fact you’re posh your whole personality

Whether it’s your judgemental looks, your mention of your boujee holidays, or only talking to people as rich as yourself. Student loan, what is that? Perhaps you should try mingling with normal people.

11. Pre-ing with prosecco

While I might be slightly envious of the fact you can afford to pre with prosecco, you’ll get judged when the rest of us have our fake branded vodka. You should seriously try it, it does the trick and is much cheaper- even though that doesn’t matter to you.

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