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Everything we know about Maddy, Dex’s new girlfriend who is mysteriously cut from the show

Both One Day’s book and film gave Dexter a new girlfriend after Emma

There are a lot of ways One Day differs from the book, including the fact that Dex sleeps with Emma’s best mate Tilly and Emma ends up actually living longer in the book than the show. And throughout One Day, Dex has many girlfriends before he ends up finally getting with Emma. There’s his co-presenter Suki and of course Sylvie, the mother of his child. But it turns out there’s a big character missing from the show and that’s Dex’s girlfriend after Emma’s tragic death.

Both the 2011 movie and David Nicholls’ novel feature an extra character, Maddy, who Dexter gets with after Emma’s death. But besides, a tiny yet non-romantic snippet, she is completely missing from the Netflix show.

So who is Maddy, Dex’s new girlfriend after Emma dies in One Day?

In the show, right before Emma’s death, Dex closes up the cafe to go and look at houses with Em. He leaves instructions to his cafe manager Maddy about closing up the shop, but this is all we see and learn about Maddy in the show.

One Day Maddy

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However, in both the book and the film, Maddy is in a long-distance relationship with Dex by the end and she actually goes with him and Jasmine to Edinburgh before moving to Loch Lomond. The two begin dating just two months before the second anniversary of Emma’s death and their relationship is still going strong at the fifth anniversary.

They have a very close relationship that is very healing for Dexter, who, throughout his whole life has really leaned on the women in his life for support. Maddy has experience with loss and really helps him heal over the loss of Emma. There’s one scene where he calls her when he’s struggling to go through Emma’s things. Maddy is also a lot younger than Dex in the book/movie. By the end of the book, Dex has just turned 40 and Maddy is only 30, giving them a 10-year age gap.

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