This hidden symbolism you missed in One Day makes the ending even more gut-wrenching

David Nicholls you will be paying for my therapy

There’s so much hidden symbolism in One Day that either makes us sob even more or just makes us fall in love with Dex and Emma more than we thought we possibly could.

These overhead bed shots from episode 13 were written by the book’s author David Nicholls and have a secret meaning that gives us an insight into their relationship and St Swithin’s Day which is symbolic throughout the show can actually foreshadow the show’s tragic ending.

But now someone has noticed more hidden symbolism from the very first episode that’s actually broken my heart all over again.

In episode one, we see Dex and Em climb up Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh together, a scene which Leo Woodall said was actually “horrible” to film as he had food poisoning whilst shooting. While they’re up there, they discuss plans for the future and Emma basically tells Dexter all the things that they aren’t going to do in the future including having a relationship, sending postcards or going travelling together.

But actually, they end up doing the exact opposite of each and every one of those things.

Posting on X, one viewer noticed the symbolism. They quoted Emma’s infamous line from the show and said: “Emma did everything with Dexter she said she wasn’t going to do. Every. single. Thing. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

So whilst up Arthur’s Seat, Emma says she doesn’t want to go travelling with Dex but goes to Greece with him in episode four. She then says she doesn’t want weekly postcards from him, but they start sending postcards to each other in the second episode and it carries on through the series.

One Day hidden symbolism

Via X/Netflix

She then insists that she doesn’t want Dex’s number but takes it during the very first episode after he goes rushing after her on the steps in Edinburgh. Emma claims if she and Dex ever bump into each other at a future party, they’ll only have a friendly chat, but in episode 10 we were fed with the maze scene and their kiss after they bump into each other at Tilly’s wedding.

One Day hidden symbolism

Via X/Netflix

And finally, Emma says she doesn’t want to get married or have kids with Dexter, but they discuss having kids and are married by the end of the series. Crying right now. The whole thing just makes the ending more sad as you think of all the other things they could have done together.

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