This is what Emma would have looked like in old age if One Day’s ending was different

Just delusioning myself that this is real rn x

Just as you thought you couldn’t be more heartbroken at Emma and Dex’s story, someone has only gone and worked out what Emma from One Day would have looked like if the ending was different and she lived through to old age using AI. My fragile heart can’t take this!

Someone already used AI to work out what the child Emma and Dexter never got to have would have looked like  and it was scarily accurate. The baby starts at two years old and goes all the way up to 30 and she clearly has Dex’s eyes and Emma’s hair.

But this one predicts what Emma would look like as she ages. She starts at age 40 and goes all the way through to 80 years old.

At the start of the show, as she is finishing uni, Emma is 22 and Dex is 23. So, at the time of her death, she is 36 years old. So this AI predictor picks up just four years after her death and carries on until she’s 80.

One Day Emma old

One of Emma’s most famous monologues in the show is when she says: “I was actually quite gorgeous in my twenties. Though I never realised at the time” but this clearly carries on if she got to age. Genuinely her as an old woman looks so comforting and I’m dying to go over to her house for a cuppa and probably a million biscuits.

One Day Emma old

Can’t stop daydreaming about what Dex and Em would be like in old age, probably sat bickering in their retirement or something.

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