This is what AI thinks students at each Russell Group look like and it’s honestly insulting

Leeds was done so dirty


University is a time for finding yourself, or at least reinventing yourself. You’ll dye your hair, get a piercing or two in some questionable places and swear you’re nothing like the person you were three months ago when you left sixth form. You may think you’ve found your style and look super unique but every university has a steadfast stereotype and the Russell Group unis are no exception to this.

Whether you like it or not, people have a pre-conceived notion of how you act, and even your appearance, just from the uni you attend. We already knew that AI was a bit gobby and loves to give it’s opinion on what students at different Russell Group unis are like so we decided to ask what it thinks they look like as well and it did not disappoint.

University of Oxford

Right, I don’t know what it is but I want to be her. She gives me self-assured and casual confidence vibes, like she makes everyone feel good about themselves and brushes off negative comments like water off a duck’s back. I wouldn’t say she looks like the standard Oxford student though, she’s far too cool for that. Maybe more Edinburgh? We’ll also just ignore the fact she’s got no eye balls.

University of Exeter

This one is so accurate, she just absolutely screams and yells Exeter. It’s giving private school, it’s giving big house in the Surrey countryside.

University of Leeds

This man looks like he has never known peace. Why is he so haggard? Has he slept at all since being at university? The stereotype of Leeds students is that they’re all quite nitty so I’m afraid to say this is probably quite an accurate depiction.

University of York

I actually screamed when the AI included ducks in the York student image, even if their heads aren’t attached to their bodies. Long Boi is alive and well!!!!

University of Nottingham

This girly is just really unassuming and I think the same can be said for all Nottingham students. They’re all just kinda normal, wouldn’t look at them twice kind of people.

University of Manchester

russell group students AI

University of Bristol

russell group students AI

Now this guy, this guy is cool. He just exudes confidence from every pore and is so sure of himself that he likes to play around with fashion and his hair in order to express himself. You just know everybody wants to be his friend.

University of Edinburgh

russell group students AI

Now I just absolutely know she’s a massive book worm, studies English literature and spends her time in Edi romanticising her life. However, she’s got a nose ring to let you know she’s not a complete normie and does have an alternative side – she loves emo music but is just too shy to dye her hair black and wear loads of eyeliner.

University of Birmingham

russell group students AI

This guy looks like he’s about to grass you in to your seminar leader for not doing the reading and simultaneously out drink you at pres. I don’t know why but he just looks like he thinks he’s better than me and to be fair, he probably is. The colour coordination with the campus buildings is another level of organisation though.

Cardiff University

russell group students AI

Now doesn’t he look nice? Such a friendly little face, and the red of the Welsh flag was a nice touch. He’s for sure the type of guy who gets involved with anything extra curricular that he can, he’s the friendliest Welcome Mentor out of the whole bunch during Freshers’ Week and then sinks an inexplicable about of VKs at the SU.

University of Glasgow

russell group students AI

This girl looks like she hasn’t slept for a month. Her tartan jumper suggests she did her research before moving north in order to fit in with the locals and I just know she’s a sucker for a red pint of fun. She does look fun though, even if she doesn’t brush her hair.

University of Cambridge

russell group students AI

Okay but why is he kinda cute? I’ve never seen a Cambridge student that looks like him before but I wish they all did. I’m equal amounts in love with and intimidated by him. Feeling very confused right now. Send help.

University of Liverpool

russell group students AI

Sorry, but I immediately don’t like this girl. It’s nothing personal but both that jumper and her boiled egg-esque earrings is just giving me bad vibes. Also what’s going on with that one red button? Is she a clown?

Durham University

russell group students AI

If Oxbridge reject was a person, it would be this guy. The purple in his attire is very loudly saying that he’s happy to be at Durham but the only person who needs convincing is himself, we all know it’s a facade. He’s done his mum proud getting into his third choice university though so I’m willing to let it slide.

Newcastle University

russell group students AI

This girl is cool, no ifs or buts. Not only is she braving a tank top in the bitter north east, but she just knows what accessories work for her. Also she’s at a party so she’s clearly a nice person with lots of friends. Can I be one of them please?

University of Sheffield

russell group students AI

Just another Alex Turner wannabe like every other Sheffield student. I’m bored. Next!

University College London

russell group students AI

This guy is an artist of some sort and loves to chew your ear off about the “creative process”. His piercings are all memoirs from his days backpacking South America and you couldn’t find anything like them, sorry. He is low-key a bit fit though – I’d have lunch with him on the portico steps any day.

University of Warwick

russell group students AI

If Sex Education were filmed at University of Warwick, this gal would be Ruby. She is the “it girl” of Coventry and definitely has the coolest wardrobe on campus. She just looks like she’s got it all together.

King’s College London

russell group students AI

This girl’s coat is the best thing about this photo. She’s navigating the big city with nothing but a rucksack, a messy pony tail and her mum’s sheepskin fleece. She’s learning a lot about herself and will no doubt get an undercut after visiting Camden for the first time. You’re doing great sweetie.

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