Take this quiz to see if Ireland would adopt you like they’ve adopted Ayo Edebiri

Who wouldn’t want to be the honorary people’s princess of Ireland?

Let’s get real, a lot of us who aren’t Irish deeply wish we were. We’ve all been rummaging around in our ancestry to pull out a relative who’ll let us delight in Cillian Murphy’s Oscar win, Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott’s bromance and their rugby team’s success in the Six Nations. Plus, it would be really, really, nice to still have an EU passport. All in all, immaculate vibes.

And there is one woman who recently managed to achieve honorary Irish status, despite having no actual connection to the small but mighty country: The Bear’s Ayo Edebiri. So, in case you’d like to follow in her footsteps this St. Patrick’s Day and beyond, sip a Guinness, munch a Tayto, and take this quiz to find out once and for all whether Ireland would adopt you like they’ve adopted Ayo:


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