northerner quiz

Think you’re a true northerner? Take this quiz and we’ll tell you whether you make the cut

All the funniest people are northern, I don’t make the rules

The north-south divide is relevant for all Brits. It’s intergenerational and whether you’re from the north or the south, nobody is excused from its wrath. It’s the default ice breaker, drunken argument and primary source of judgement for many. Where you grew up is part of your identity, but where you went to uni – that’s a choice and whichever city you chose will come back to haunt you in one way or another. York? Bland. Bristol? You think you’re too cool for Bath. Birmingham – could you be more boring?

But it’s an unspoken truth that universities in the north of the country trump universities in the south. All the best student nights out are found north of Nottingham, and you just don’t find iconic student sesh dungeons anywhere other than Leeds. So, if you’re a northerner through and through, or think you’ve earned your crown after enduring your first winter up north, take this quiz to find out whether you make the cut and have earned the title.

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