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Sambas to Spezials: What your choice of Adidas trainer says about your overall vibe

They have the fashion girlies in a choke hold


It only takes one cursory glance through the feet on the street right now to notice: Adidas trainers have taken over the pavement. Anywhere you turn, the triple stripe is there— following you. It’s a fashion girlie epidemic bigger than the Nike Air Force 1s wave of 2020 or New Balance 530s saga in 2022.

And it turns out whether you’ve chosen to pledge your allegiance to the Sambas, Spezials, Gazelles or Superstars says a lot about who you are as a person. So, in case you’re looking at your shoe cupboard in confusion right now, here’s exactly what your choice of it-girl Adidas trainer actually says about your overall vibe:

White Sambas

White Samba OG Shoes

You’re a girlie who is obsessed with pilates, linen trousers and chunky jewellery. You take much of your fashion inspo from either TikTok or your home counties upbringing and thought rocking a pair of these might make you edgy – but you’ve just wound up looking like everyone else— including Rishi Sunak.

Unfortunately, Sambas now make you a big fat Tory. Blame the Prime Minister.


Blue Gazelle Shoes

You’re a Harry Styles fan living somewhere boujee enough to accommodate an all suede shoe. You nabbed a pair of Gazelles when Harry’s obsession saw them dubbed “Satellite stompers” last year. They’re not technically the trainer of the moment anymore but you don’t really care – most people mistake them for Spezials anyway.

Pink Gazelle Bolds

Pink Gazelle Bold Shoes

Pinterest is your favourite app.

Black Superstars

Black Superstar Shoes

You’re the hectic one of the group. A classic rat girl. You can’t have suede shoes when you’re constantly sticking to the club floor. Your pair of these have seen everything from day festivals to your situationships bedroom floor. Invincible but could probably do with retiring – a bit like you. Soz x


Blue Handball Spezial Shoes

You’ve somehow made speciality coffee, small plate restaurants, beanie hats and independent store tote bags your entire personality. If anyone mistakes your shoes for Sambas, you correct them immediately, aghast. The type of guy to get annoyed when your favourite “underground band” goes mainstream – or viral on TikTok.

“I’ve known about that since last year” is your favourite phrase.

Wales Bonner Sambas

Wales Bonner x Samba 'Silver Metallic'

You think you’re better than everyone else and you’re right.

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