BREAKING: Emma PhD Student Killed in Iran

Negar Miralaei, a 4th year PhD student in Computer Science, was reportedly killed in an accident

What I learnt from my first year at Cambridge

N.B: It was west.

Body of missing Cambridge graduate recovered in Cairo

Egyptian authorities discovered the body of Giulio Regeni late on Wednesday evening

Death in the Amazon: Cambridge graduate stabbed during psychedelic drug ritual

“Charismatic and incredibly bright” Homerton alumnus Unais Gomes fatally stabbed in the Peruvian jungle

Facebook stickers are the death of comedy

It’s Week 5 and everything is terrible and we are terrible.

The DMC is dead: It’s all about the DMQ

Real talk

Review: Tamburlaine

ABBI BROWN was let down by a play that did not fulfill its dramatic expectations.


EMILY MARR is blown away by a production that is as slick as it is moving

Sunday Serial: Final Chapter – The Dénouement

Our gripping plot draws to an unexpected but ultimately happy conclusion.

Where not to go this summer

Think your summer is going to be anticlimactic? Don’t worry, says ELOISE DAVIES. It could be so much worse.

The Hanging Christian – Episode 6

Freya finally goes to the police as the Sunday Serial continues, but does anyone believe her?

The Hanging Christian – Episode 5

The Sunday Serial takes a very dark turn as Freya attends her second meeting beneath the Eagle…

How to find love this Lent

Romance may be dead, but JOSEPHINE PARKINSON is on hand to explain how you can still have fun for a fiver with RAG Blind Date.

CICCU: The Morning After

In response to the article published earlier this week, the CICCU Vice-President NAOMI WOOD has come out in defence of Christianity in Cambridge.

The Tab Meets: Jonnie Penn

BETH SWORDS talks to the Pembroke student, Jonnie Penn, who also has a New York Times bestseller.

Thatcher’s Death: How Student Politics became all about Pandering

JOEL FENSTER argues that reactions to Thatcher’s death show us how broken Cambridge politics is.

Death by Chocolate

LEAF ARBUTHNOT gives us three chocolate-based Easter recipes that are guaranteed to thicken your thighs.

The Seventh Seal

ALICE BOUGHTON contemplates death and drama at the ADC theatre.

Another Body Found in Cam

The fourth body in under a year has been taken from the river – though police affirm there is “absolutely no link” between the events.

Machine of Death

Editor KIERAN CORCORAN predicts that this play will be suddenly killed by being bad.