broad street

Second year rescued by police after being marched to cashpoint by thugs

‘The police saved my student loan as well as me’

Gatecrasher stays closed after losing bid to reopen following stabbing

The club’s fate will be decided on November 25th

Apprentice stars David and Gary partied in Mechu last night

They were obviously drinking champagne in VIP

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The superclub is dead

Going, going, gone: Gatecrasher, Rainbow and Electric ALL closed

Thanks a lot

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Clubbers of the Week: Bumper revision special

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Clubbers of the week

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Risa must check for weapons after man has throat slashed with a Stanley knife

A court hearing yesterday ordered several new licencing conditions

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The definitive dress code for Birmingham’s most popular nights

Vodbull moves to new £2 million home

The infamous night has relocated to Smallbrook

Freshers will fork out £2 million in two week blow-out

Brace yourselves Freshers. This year’s Welcome Week will run into the millions

Snobs don’t want you to come to their closing night

Snobs will host its last night on a Sunday in the hope not many people will go