MAFS UK final week memes

The only thing more chaotic than this season of MAFS UK are these final week memes

Someone called Peggy the job centre because she won’t shut up about Georges’ job

MAFS UK has been nothing but carnage this season and we’ve barely had a moment to breathe – but just when you’ve adjusted to the chaos of cheating scandals, physical fights and storm outs on the show – just have a scroll through all the memes on X / Twitter to see a display almost just as chaotic. Nobody holds back on there, and here are the best memes and tweets from the final week of MAFS UK 2023 ahead of what looks like yet another explosive dinner party. When will we be free?

1. I just know Peggy’s Tudor mansion was erupting in fury

2. Do you wanna get a suit on for me lad?

3. The friends can’t stand her

4. I am actually weeping at this hahahaha

5. So true – bring on the beef

6. Proud Erica and Jordan fan here

7. The villain of the season for sure

8. Stoppppp that

9. We need to see the credentials

10. That Turtle Bay rig out from JJ was CRIMINAL

11. A man of 0 words

12. The grooms are kings this year

13. Mental actually

14. A long slog this life for me

15. The queen doing queen things

16. Not one tit out hahaha

17. The job centre HAHAHAHAA

18. And I’m more than ready baby

Married At First Sight UK continues with its final week and the final reunion dinner party of the season tonight on E4 at 9pm. It’s set to be explosive beyond belief. For all the latest MAFS UK final week memes, news, scandals, gossip and updates – like The Holy Church of MAFS on Facebook

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