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From bungee jumping to degrees: Inside Thomas’ iconic life since leaving MAFS UK

He and Rozz still hang out all the time!

Since emotionally leaving MAFS UK last week, Thomas has been living his best post-dating show life. He has been jetting off on exhilarating holidays, getting his MSC degree and continues to make his equally iconic and unhinged TikToks. So, let’s look into what Thomas has been up to in his life since leaving MAFS UK.

Exhilarating holidays

Thomas explained how one of the first things he did after he left MAFS UK was book a holiday “somewhere hot.” One of the activities he got up to on his holiday was this exhilarating-looking bungee jump straight into the Corinth Canal! Thomas went to Greece on his holiday and did the bungee jump with Zulu Bungee, where prices start from £80 for a jump.

Getting degrees

Thomas recently achieved his MSC degree in Finance and Investment, an amazing achievement! Thomas wrote that he “can’t tell you how happy I am to be getting my master’s! I’d been working on it for such a long time, I never thought it’d ever come. The last week has been a difficult one, but I’ve gained so much. Everything is just falling into place and I’m so so happy!”

Hanging out with Rozz

Whilst Rozz and Thomas left the experiment after Rozz decided she couldn’t see a future with him, the two stayed friends after leaving the experiment. From appearing on podcasts to doing crazy golf together, it’s nice to see that they’re still friends after everything they went through.

Making unhinged and chaotic videos

It wouldn’t be Thomas without some slightly unhinged videos, and when we say slightly we mean very. If you’re a lover of cat content I’d recommend his TikTok account, and for all other chaotic videos like this one of him in a beast mask and fluffy tail his Instagram is the place to be. And Thomas, if you’re trying to tell everyone that you’re secretly a furry then that’s okay, you do you king!

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