Thomas MAFS UK medic

Thomas from MAFS UK had to be treated by a medic because he was so heartbroken

‘I ruined Paul’s shirt with my tears – I felt like someone had died’

Thomas has revealed that he had to be taken out of MAFS UK by a medic after being so heartbroken following the decision from Rozz to no longer continue their relationship.

Thomas and Rozz started the show so awkwardly that literally none of us would ever have thought they’d end up becoming the cutest couple on the show that we were all rooting for. Disaster struck, though, on a homestay that resulted in Rozz reassessing her feelings for Thomas and realising she wasn’t ready to progress their relationship outside of the experiment. Thomas was blindsided by it and it resulted in the saddest commitment ceremony heartbreak of the season. I genuinely cried, which is a bit of a feat.

Thomas has now revealed he had to be taken off MAFS UK by a medic after being so distraught by the decision Rozz made. “When Rozz and I made the decision on the couch, we were saying goodbye to everyone. I got to say goodbye to everyone and then I reached Paul and JJ and hugged Paul and I basically burst into tears into his shirt, ruining it. Bless Paul.

“And then I was just crying with JJ rubbing my back and holding my hand. Eventually, I had the medic take me out. I had to have the medic take me out to get me out of there.

“Basically, I just said that I wanted to go so they got me a taxi, got my stuff and I left from that commitment ceremony, which is usually not what you do. You usually wait until the next day. “I need to get out here,’ I thought. It’s like everywhere you look. It’s like the haunted memory of a dead relationship. And I felt like someone had died. That’s how I felt it felt like I was grieving so hard.

“I felt like that for a very long time. But it was a weird experience because I was happy in myself as a human being at that point in time. Because I found happiness because of my experience with Rozz and in the process, but also had this deep sadness
amongst it.”

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