Introducing the jilted exes of the Love Island 2023 cast

Um, Samie used to date an ex-Islander?!


Every year after we start getting to know a new Love Island cast, a number of their exes come out the woodwork – and the 2023 bunch have had a lot to say. Whether it be the Islanders themselves spilling about their famous former flames, or exes outside the villa coming out and saying they were still with the cast until weeks before the show – it’s all coming out.

Here are all the known exes of the cast of Love Island 2023, and if they’ve said anything about their old flames being in the villa.

Owen Warner – Lana’s ex-boyfriend

Exes of the cast of Love Island 2023

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We all found out on the show that Lana’s most recent ex-boyfriend is I’m A Celeb runner-up and Hollyoaks actor, Owen Warner. The pair dated two years ago, after meeting through mutual friends in 2020. They met during lockdown, when Lana worked on CBBC’s So Awkward, and then split after a couple of months.

Lana said: “We had a bit of a lockdown relationship, so we spent a lot of time together. And then when we ended, we ended amicably, so I have nothing bad to say in terms of our relationship and the time that we spent together.” However, Lana described being “heartbroken” by the split, and said she couldn’t watch Owen when he was in the I’m A Celeb jungle.

“We’ve both moved on with our lives,” she said. He probably won’t watch [Love Island], because I wouldn’t watch it if he was on there.”

Todd Elton – Jessie’s ex-boyfriend

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Jessie was on Love Island Australia before the UK show this year, which means her previous relationship was very public. She made it to the final of her Australian season, and left with boyfriend Todd Elton. Unfortunately, or fortunately if your name is farmer Will, they split up three months later.

Posting on Instagram about their breakup, Jessie said: “This post isn’t easy to write and isn’t something I want to be confirming but sadly, yes the relationship between Todd and I is over. I’ve loved every minute spent with Todd from the moment he walked into that villa and absolutely adore him but I guess some things just aren’t meant to be.

“I’m also really sorry for not updating you guys earlier, I just wanted to take some time to let it all sink in before having to let everyone know.”

Max Bowden was ‘getting closer’ to Olivia before the show

Exes of the cast of Love Island 2023

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Whilst Olivia has been in the Love Island 2023 villa, she’s made multiple cameo appearances on EastEnders – and one of her exes is from the soap too! According to The Sun, Olivia and Max were “getting closer” since New Year’s Day, and he was flirting with her from then.

A source said: “Max and Olivia have been sharing exchanges and keeping an eye on how each other has been doing. She has been very impressed that Max showed such a keen interest in her and has been telling all her friends excitedly about it. She clearly fancies him. They’ve been growing closer.”

Conor Maynard – Layla’s ex-boyfriend

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Yes, Casa Amor gal Layla used to date singer Conor Maynard. When asked in her pre-Love Island interview if she’d ever dated anyone in the public eye, Layla said: “My ex is a famous singer. He wrote a few songs about me since we broke up.”

Layla has shared photos on Instagram of her with Conor, which were posted in summer of 2021.

Courtney Hodgson – Haris’ ex-girlfriend


Anyone else’s boyfriend shadowbox at any given moment 😂 so content with life 🫶🏼 #fyp

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When Haris entered the Love Island 2023 villa, he was quick to declare he’s never had a girlfriend nor introduced a girl to his family. And then, an ex of his came forward saying otherwise, and things got messy.

Courtney Hodgson shared pictures and videos of herself with Haris, which definitely suggested they were in a relationship. She also claimed that just weeks ago, she and Haris went to Winter Wonderland with her family.

The clips she shared include them eating out together, going on walks, and a video of Haris in bed asleep next to her. There was another video of them on an airplane and then on a jetski on holiday. The video of Courtney and Haris on holiday was posted in August of last year, and they look pretty loved up. It has the caption: “Days like this 🫶🏼 #jetski #holiday #baecation”. The other video literally calls Haris her boyfriend in the caption, it reads: “Anyone else’s boyfriend shadowbox at any given moment 😂 so content with life 🫶🏼”.

Before entering the villa, Haris attempting to clap back, saying he “didn’t see her as a girlfriend”. He told The Sun: “I didn’t see her as like actually being my girlfriend, we were just sleeping together and then I just called it off. She never saw my family, she never came to my house or anything like that.

“She never had that privilege. I never wanted that to happen. I didn’t leave her for the show because I didn’t see her as being my girlfriend. We were sleeping together and then it ended, and that’s it.”

Emily Mott – Tom’s ex-girlfriend

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Awkward, but Tom has been accused of breaking up with his girlfriend just weeks before he went on Love Island. Ahead of the show kicking off, The Sun reported Tom had split with his girlfriend of three years, Emily Mott. Apparently Tom and his air-hostess girlfriend were dating until very recently, and friends were “shocked” to see him in the lineup for the show.

An insider said: “Everyone was really shocked to see Tom pop up as a bombshell. As far as most people knew he was really loved-up with Emily. They were always together and enjoyed exotic holidays together. They were even talking about marriage at one point.”

Samie used to be with ex-Islander Biggs!

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A rogue one, but Samie and Biggs from the 2020 winter series used to date! Biggs, who is now dating a girl called Sumerica, said: “Sumerica and I were watching Love Island together when Samie first arrived at the villa. I saw her hair, then her face and thought: ‘Hang on. I know you’. Sumerica saw my face drop and asked: ‘Is there something you want to tell me?’ I tried to lie but it didn’t work. She can read me like a book.”

He said he met Samie shortly after he split up with Rebecca Gormley, who he left the 2020 villa with. “Samie and I had a fling after a boozy night in London,” he said. “We were at an after party with loads of people and ended up having a bit of a fun night. She has no fear and goes for what she wants. She’s a really nice girl and I think she’ll spice up the villa.”

Jack Fowler – ‘Dated’ Olivia

Exes of the cast of Love Island 2023

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I’ll admit, this one is a bit of a reach, but it happened. Olivia went on a speed dating challenge with Love Island season four bombshell, Jack Fowler. In an ad with FootAsylum, Olivia was one of a number of girls who went on a date with Jack, Chunkz, Yung Filly and Harry Pinero, and had them battle to win her over.

During the dates, Olivia had multiple compliments on her looks, with one of the boys saying she was “amazing” looking. On their date, Jack told her: “You’re very, very attractive”, before she replied: “So are you. You’ve got nice eyes.”

The girls also spoke in a challenge about having some pretty famous exes

In a challenge earlier in the series, some of the girls made no secret of some of the famous exes they were with before Love Island 2023. Tanya said she dated an unnamed footballer, and she name-dropped a rapper she used to be seeing as Not3s.

At the same time, Zara casually dropped: “I’ve got in with an athlete before… a famous athlete. I’ve kissed Usain Bolt.” However, people straight away called bullshit on this, questioning how she could have possibly kissed Usain – given he’s been in a relationship for eight years, and prior to that, Zara would have been around 16.

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