From Netflix to HBO: A detailed list of every show Love Island’s Olivia has been spotted in

Where has she found the time?!

Since she was announced as an Islander for Love Island 2023, Olivia Hawkins has been everywhere – it really feels as though she’s been in hundreds of TV shows.

People have spotted the actress and body double in ITV shows with other Love Island stars, in Netflix series, in massive HBO dramas and even in the background on Love Island before she was officially a cast member.

Here is a full list of all the TV shows Love Island 2023 star Olivia Hawkins has been spotted in. Strap in, she’s been busy.

Before Love Island, Olivia was in a whole bunch of TV shows which she’s posted about on Instagram

TV shows Olivia Hawkins from Love Island 2023 has been seen in

via Instagram

On her Instagram, Olivia has a highlight dedicated to a lot of work as an extra. She has appeared in shows such as Netflix series Top Boy and Acorn TV show Queens of Mystery. She also played an air stewardess for the 2021 crime series, Grace.

She was spotted on Love Island, in Joseph Garrett’s promo clip

In the very first episode of each season, viewers are shown a video of the Islanders leaving their day jobs to head to the villa. Back in 2019, Olivia featured in Joseph Garrett’s clip, ordering ice cream. Now look at her! Growth!

In her first week in the villa she was spotted as an extra in EastEnders

Just one day after making her villa debut, Olivia made a fleeting appearance at the end of an episode of EastEnders. She was seen side-eyeing Sam Mitchell towards the end of the episode, and people who caught it went mad for it. One wrote: “Not me watching tonight’s EastEnders on iPlayer and Olivia from Love Island pops up as an extra.”

Love Island has confirmed it was Olivia on our soap screens, and she filmed scenes as an extra ahead of appearing in the South Africa villa.

And then she was spotted on the soap again!

Following her first appearance in the soap, Olivia was on EastEnders again, the next week. This time, she was seen shopping at the clothes stall, alongside Whitney Dean.

In KSI’s new documentary on Amazon Prime

Olivia said in her Love Island 2023 promo interview that she had once been a ring girl for KSI. His doc, KSI: In Real Life, has recently dropped on Amazon Prime, and you guessed it, Olivia wasn’t a ring girl at any ol’ fight – it was one that features in the new documentary.

People on TikTok have been sharing when they’ve spotted the Islander in the feature, and they’re naturally quite shook.

She was also in huge HBO drama, House of the Dragon

via Reddit / HBO

Someone has seen Olivia previously starred in HBO series House of the Dragon. They shared a screenshot on the Love Island Reddit thread, which said: “Look who I found in House of the Dragon”. Someone commented underneath exactly what we’re all thinking: “That’s crazy lmao she’s everywhere, I rate the hustle”.

Olivia appeared among Love Island legends in Buffering on ITV2

TV shows Olivia Hawkins from Love Island 2023 has been seen in

via ITV

Whilst she was in the villa, an episode of Buffering aired on ITV2, and Olivia was in it! It was shown on a Monday night, straight after Love Island. The main character in the show is played by Love Island voiceover Iain Stirling, and Laura Whitmore is also in the cast.

The episode, called “The Ick”, featured the cast members all at a Singles’ Night at their local bar. Throughout the episode, Olivia can be seen in the background on dates, and there’s a bit where we see a cutaway of her hand on a table, holding hands with one of her dates.

via ITV

After that, she’s then dotting around in the background a lot, and near the end of the episode all the girls in the bar sit together and go through their icks. Olivia is in a lot of the camera shots, showing her facial reactions of disgust to some of the icks said, but she doesn’t actually have any lines. 10/10 facial acting, though.

Then she was spotted in ANOTHER Love Island promo vid

TV shows Olivia Hawkins from Love Island 2023 has been seen in

via ITV

People have spotted she was in another of the videos introducing new Islanders to the show. She was seen in a library in 2021 winner Liam Reardon’s promo clip, when he was first announced as a cast member.

She never rests!

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