Love Island’s Jessie looks completely different in old pictures from before the show

She even had a glow up between the Australian Love Island and now

This year, Love Island introduced Aussie bombshells Jessie and Aaron, who knew the deal as they’d already been on the show before. At first, everyone questioned how legit them being on the show a second time around was – but now Aaron has been dumped and Jessie is loved up with Will, so time has told.

One thing a lot of people have been commenting on since Jessie was announced as a bombshell for the Love Island 2023 villa is how different she looks compared to when she was on the Aus show. Old pictures of her from before her Love Island days look completely different, and even between her two reality TV stints she’s had a big change. Here’s a look.

Before Love Island Australia, Jessie looked really different

Pictures of Jessie Wynter before Love Island 2023

via Instagram @jessiereneewynter

Way before her Love Island days, Jessie looked quite different. She’s flipped between blonde and brown hair a lot over the years, and has changed her vibe and appearance. Jessie has spoken a lot about cosmetic surgery she’s had done over the years, and within the first episode of her being on Love Island Australia, she mentioned how expensive surgery before the show had been.

Jessie had a boob job when she was much younger, and has since spoken about regretting having the procedure done. “I honestly wish I could go back and tell younger me, ‘Dude, don’t get a boob job, you’re fine the way you are’,” she told an Australian publication. “So they kind of shoved [the implants] in, didn’t structure it or anything and they were just really, really far apart.”

On Instagram, she added: “I did get a boob job when I was younger, and it was one of those nightmare ones that didn’t go to plan. I fortunately got it fixed. I’ve had a really great year actually, getting it fixed was fantastic. I hope people don’t call me fake and they can see past it.”

Pictures of Jessie Wynter before Love Island 2023

via Instagram @jessiereneewynter

In 2021, Jessie had a nose job to fix a previous break. Whilst in this surgery, Jessie requested the doctor also add a “little dip” to her nose, to slightly adjust its shape.

And now on Love Island UK, Jessie has changed her look since the Aus show

via Love Island

Jessie appeared on series two of the Australian Love Island in 2019. When Jessie was on Love Island Australia, she looked loads younger and had bright blonde hair. She’s now got a darker, mousy brown look and her lips appear a little fuller.

She looks incredible, and I can’t wait for her next vibe to be full farmer glam when she leaves the villa with Will.

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