Tanyel Revan before and after Love Island 2023 and her cosmetic surgery

Tanyel has spoken about all the pre-Love Island cosmetic surgery she’s had done

She is believed to have spent £4,500 on work in preparation for the villa


There’s something refreshing about when Love Island contestants are honest about any work they’ve had done, and new Islander Tanyel has shared all the cosmetic surgery she had before the 2023 villa.

In an interview with multiple press outlets before she entered the villa, Tanyel has detailed the exact procedures she had done in the lead-up to flying to South Africa, and her social posts share where she had it all done. An expert has even waded in to give an estimation of how much it’s all set her back.

Tanyel spent £4,500 on cosmetic surgery before Love Island 2023

Ahead of going into the villa, Tanyel told the press she had a lot of work done directly because she was going on the show. She had a number cosmetic procedures and treatments in the weeks prior, in preparation for Love Island. Among these, she’s had semi-permanent make-up applied to her lips and eyebrows, and had full facial rejuvenation – including having fillers topped up.

According to an expert, this surgery is worth around £4,500. Full facial rejuvination, involving dermal fillers, can set you back around £2,000. In a video posted on Instagram, it shows Tanyel having this done before Love Island, at Evolve Cosmetics clinic in north London. This procedure can involve cheek filler, lip filler, jaw filler and Botox.

At the same clinic, Tanyel had a chin fat dissolving procedure, which has been estimated to cost around £1,000. Permanent makeup can cost around £500 per procedure, with Tanyel having three of these done before the villa.

The video below contains footage of the procedure. 

She said: “So luckily, my best friends are all like in aesthetics, beauty and hair. So I’m sorted, I’m quite lucky with that. I had like my Botox, my fillers, everything topped up. My hair done, what else did I get done? Semi-permanent makeup, my lips, my eyebrows – ombre brow. Other than that, everything else wasn’t really planned.”

As well as this, she had a non-surgical Brazilian bum lift

A London clinic has shared a video of Tanyel getting a Brazilian bum lift, apparently back in February 2021. The post says the results of the procedure, which is non-surgical, include “perky booty”, “lifted booty” and “cellulite reduction”.

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