Revealed: The Russell Group unis the most private school students want to go to

Get your siggie rings at the ready

It might feel like your university is overrun with private school educated, siggy ring-wearing, bow tie-owning rahs. And if you go to a Russell Group uni, I hate to say that you’re probably right.

The 10 Russell Group unis that private school students want to go to the most has been revealed by the Evening Standard and Unifrog, which looked at the most popular unis for London’s private school students.

It’s no surprise that mega posh Durham is high in the top 10, as well as Bristol, where pretty much everyone seems to think they’re actually in Skins, and Edinburgh, which recently was mocked by students for selling £825 signet rings.

Both Oxford and Cambridge are there too, with Oxbridge being a favourite of private schoolers. Two top London unis – UCL and Kings – also feature in the list.

And then there are some perhaps slightly more secretly posh, but nevertheless still beloved by private school students, unis: Exeter, Manchester, and Leeds. A siggie ring definitely wouldn’t go amiss in any of these.

The non-Russell Group unis that private school students want to go to the most are still pretty bloody posh. They include St Andrews, where Prince William and Kate met, Bath, the Uni of Surrey, and Royal Holloway, which has a polo society. All very normal.

These are the 10 Russell Group unis most popular with private school students:

– Durham

– University College London

– Manchester

– Oxford

– Bristol

– Exeter

– Cambridge

– Edinburgh

– Kings College London

– Leeds

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