Ranked: These are officially the gayest student areas in the country

No surprises for where Sussex is on this list

The Uni of Sussex is officially the university with the gayest student area in the country.

Uni is a time where many people discover themselves, surround themselves with likeminded people, probably go to a gay club for the first time ever, and come out.

For the first time ever, the most recent census asked people about their sexuality and gender identity – and the results for England and Wales have just been released. It found there are around 1.5 million (3.2 per cent) LGB+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and more) people in the country, as well as over a quarter of a million trans people. And these are only estimates, with millions of people not answering these questions, as well as there not being any data released for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

But as well as the overall numbers, you can also see a map of literally every single area in the country and the exact percentage of how many gay people live there. Iconic if you ask me.

The area of the country with the most lesbian, gay and bi people is in Brighton, naturally – Kemptown, with over 20 per cent of its residents. The city’s Uni of Sussex also officially has the gayest student area in the country, with Hanover, where many of its students live, at 17.4 per cent.

This is followed by Fallowfield in Manchester, with 13.75 per cent, and Lincoln’s university area, with 13.47 per cent.

At the other end of the scale, Warwick’s Leamington Spa is the lowest (4.21 per cent), followed by Lancaster’s Bowerham (4.51 per cent) and Oxford Brookes’ Cowley, with just over 5 per cent.

This is officially how many lesbian, gay and bi people live in all the main university student areas in the country, ranked from highest to lowest:

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