Amy MAFS UK body shaming

Amy from MAFS says she’s ‘devastated’ after body shaming comments were ‘allowed’ on a live

‘Since losing her twins, Amy’s had an ongoing battle with loving her body and this low blow has set her back’

Amy Christophers’ manager has released a statement following an Instagram Live between fellow MAFS UK alumni Sophie Brown and Adrian Sanderson where she claimed that the two did not shut down body shaming comments during an Instagram live. Sophie and Adrian denied seeing it, but a video has since surfaced of the two seemingly acknowledging the comments and looking like they were laughing along.

The Instagram Live between Sophie and Adrian was following the Christmas reunion, and the flirting between Johnathan Wileman and Amy – Johnathan being previously married to Sophie on MAFS UK. In the video screen recorded from the live, Adrian can be heard laughing while saying, “Just reading some of the comments. It’s difficult guys because I saw these comments… can’t read out loud!” to which Sophie replies: “Yeah.”

Amy’s manager gave a statement to the MailOnline, saying the following: “Amy is utterly devastated that this has happened. She rightly felt safe within the MAFS family and mistakenly assumed the support and care her fellow castmates show for each other would lead by example for the new cast.

“She is shocked that they not only allowed the online abuse to continue in the comments, but also laughed about it when they said they couldn’t read the comments out loud. Amy would have reacted very differently and told the audience to stop the nasty comments.

“Since losing her twins, Amy has had an ongoing battle with learning to love her body again and this is a low blow that has only caused her to be set back with her struggles. Thankfully her friends, family and MAFS family are rallying round her to offer support and help her get through this tough time.

“In her younger days across a 10 year career of modelling, she’s had her size and even what she wore criticised, even when she was at her smallest size of only a 6. Whilst she developed a thick skin to comments about her size the timing of this onslaught couldn’t be worse as it is three years ago today that she discovered one of her twins had died in utero.”

The statement from Amy surrounding the body shaming comments continued: “Since pregnancy, it’s been a long time for her to adjust to the changes in her body and learn to love it again.

“Amy is a firm believer in supporting one another as they all have a shared experience in Married At First Sight that no one else can understand and she is deeply upset to know that this doesn’t seem to apply with certain members of the latest series, despite them having been given no reason to engage in such horrendous behaviour.

“What’s most upsetting is that they are the first to preach about #BeKind and anti online abuse when they are on the receiving end, however they have sent out the mixed message of allowing and even sniggering at online abuse directed to Amy – which only encourages trolling rather than shutting it down immediately.

“Amy doesn’t want to fuel any hatred of abuse to the cast members involved. It was an unfortunate event that Amy hopes everyone can learn lessons from.”

Sophie and Adrian have both denied ever letting the body-shaming comments happen. Sophie said: “I am not one to comment on situations that much, but when it’s about body image I absolutely will be there. I was made aware of some comments made on lives, and no one should have to go through that. I know exactly how it feels which makes it worse. I was called chubby and fat throughout the show. Whatever someone’s intentions were, there was a conversation around my body type on the show. I’ve had that backlash and I know how it feels.

Adrian from MAFS UK said on his Instagram Story last week regarding the Amy body shaming backlash: “I’m not exactly sure what was said, it was in the comments on the live.  I’ve asked for screen recordings so I’m able to see who said it and I can block them from Instagram. I wish Marilyse had told me at the time so I would have been able to shut it down. I will never condone this hate online, and I hope we can continue to be kind in the future.”

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