Support for Georgia Harrison

All the Love Islanders and TV stars who have shown their support for Georgia Harrison

Malin Andersson called Georgia ‘a queen’

Stephen Bear was recently found guilty of disclosing private sexual images/films of Love Island star Georgia Harrison, after a jury of nine men and three women found him to be guilty of all counts. Following the verdict, Georgia Harrison said in a statement that at times she felt “ashamed, hurt, violated and even broken” but now has gone on to feel “empowered, grateful and a huge sense of unity with all of those who have reached out to support me throughout this ordeal.”

In a powerful Instagram post, Georgia said she will not let her ordeal “define” her. After sharing a series of videos from her statement after the trial on Instagram, Georgia received floods of support from former Love Islanders and various social media personalities. Here are all the Islanders and TV stars who showed their support for Georgia Harrison:

Zara McDermott

Support for Georgia Harrison

via Instagram @zara_mcdermott

Zara was on the fourth season of Love Island, who had also been a victim of revenge porn. In 2018, soon after she left the Love Island villa, Zara was told that naked photos she had shared with an ex were circulating online. Zara went on to create a documentary with BBC Three, investigating it. In an Instagram comment, Zara wrote: “You’re so brave Georgia.”

Malin Andersson

In a lengthy Instagram post, Malin addressed her followers and said: “Let’s talk about Stephen Bear”. In the post she shared how much she admires Georgia. She said: “I admire you Georgia Harrison for your resilience and strength. You will help so many people that have been targeted by revenge porn. I can’t imagine that pain you have gone through too, dealing with this publicly and also I know first hand how draining the court process can be. You are a queen.”

Emily Faye Miller

Support for Georgia Harrison

via Instagram @emilyfayemiller

Emily Miller was on season two of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix and sent her support to Georgia Harrison on Instagram. Emily said: “Proud of you babes.”

Kaz Crossley

Kaz Crossley was on season four of Love Island after entering the villa as a Casa Amor girl. In a comment under Georgia’s Instagram post, Kaz wrote: “So f***ing proud of you. I’ve seen you grow in so many ways. You’re my inspiration babe. Never change. Love you forever.” She also re-shared a video from outside Chelmsford Crown Court and wrote: “Justice for my girl!”

Support for Georgia Harrison

Nathan Henry

Support for Georgia Harrison

via Instagram @nathanhgshore

Nathan Henry from Geordie Shore was another reality TV star who shared how proud of Georgia they were. Nathan said: “So proud of how incredibly strong you are Gee. Love you.”

Lateysha Grace

Support for Georgia Harrison

via Instagram @lateysha_grace

Lateysha Grace, who rose to fame on Big Brother, is another social media star who shared her support for Georgia Harrison. Under Georgia’s Instagram post, she wrote: “So proud. Well done Georgia. You have raised so much awareness. Hopefully people will think twice before doing such a vile thing.”

Adam Collard

Former Love Island star Adam Collard was one of the first Islanders to show his support for Georgia Harrison. In a tweet, he said: “Massive respect to Georgia Harrison. Hopefully it encourages others to speak up too.”

Montana Brown

via Instagram @montanarosebrown1

Montana and Georgia were both on the same season of Love Island in 2017 and she shared the same sentiment as many others of how proud of Georgia she was. In an Instagram comment, Montana wrote: “So proud of you. Love you to bits and so sorry this happened to you. You’re one of a kind.”

Gabby Allen

via Instagram @gabbydawnallen

Gabby was also on the same season of Love Island with Montana and Georgia back in 2017. Gabby said: “You’re so amazing. You should be so proud of yourself. Love always.”

Elle Brown

via Instagram @brown.elle

Elle Brown was another Love Islander who shared their support for Georgia Harrison. She simply said: “So so happy. Well done babe.”

Joanna Chimonides

via Instagram @joannachimonides

Joanna was on season five of Love Island in 2019 and has been a close friend of Georgia. Under Georgia’s Instagram post, Joanna said: “That’s my girl!”

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