Everyone stop and look at the Love Is Blind season three post-show cast glow ups

Spoiler alert: Brennon has reached God levels of fit cowboy

The cast of Love Is Blind season three have had some serious post-show glow ups. Aside from all the drama going on between Raven and SK, this cast has been relatively quiet since the show ended. Maybe that’s because only two couples actually got married and they’re still together so things are relatively drama free right now.

Anyway, since filming the show over a year ago, the cast have had some pretty big transformations. Here’s what the cast of Love Is Blind season three look like now.

Alexa Alfia

Alexa reaaaaally crept up on us and became the most iconic woman in the season three cast. She’s grown into her TikTok fame and really focused on transforming Brennon into a sexier cowboy. Nothing but respect for a woman who does God’s work.


Ummmm so Brennon is sexy now? It wasn’t until the weddings when Brennon caught our eye but thank God he did because he’s had the world’s best and biggest glow up. He’s transformed into a man who no longer feels the need to wear a white t-shirt under a shirt and blazer – he now has it PLUNGED open. A king.


So I guess you must just glow up once you drop a guy you were in a bad relationship with! Zanab is the science behind every single girl who has ever dumped a guy who made her feel like shit. Stunning before, obviously, but glowing now.


This is a major transformation for Cole given the fact the last time we saw him he was literally sobbing at the reunion. He seems happier which is good!!


Just when we all thought Raven couldn’t get any more attractive she does!! From the first episode right until the last she had a pretty big transformation in terms of how we all viewed her and her personality But now she is glowing inside and out! God save the Queen.


SK looks exactly the same. The only thing that’s different for him are those cheating rumours floating around – yikes.


Bartise has gone full Tumblr girl with his brown neutrals. Also the fact he has photographed himself (probably on self timer) smoking a cigar with a glass of red wine on a balcony just makes me die.


Nancy is GLOWING now. She’s got long hair with highlights and two e-girl strips at the front and she looks great for it. She and Zanab are the definition of what it means to glow up after a bad breakup – Nancy is looking gorgeous.

Colleen and Matt

Colleen and Matt haven’t really changed much since we saw them in the show. In fact, they actually look exactly the same but their relationship seems to have had a glow up. They look literally happier than ever right now and it’s pure vibes.

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