Ranked: These are officially the most complained about I’m A Celeb moments to Ofcom ever

Matt Hancock being in the jungle has just taken the top spot

When Matt Hancock was announced as part of the cast for I’m A Celebrity 2022, the entire nation was a bit shook. People didn’t know what to expect the MP to be like in the jungle, and many called him out for being paid such a huge amount to appear on the show, given everything he did during the pandemic. Clearly, a lot of people are very enraged about his jungle appearance, as it’s now become one of the most complained about I’m A Celeb moments to Ofcom in history.

The TV regulator has been flooded with thousands of people complaining that he was even able to take part in the show, and about how he has been treated whilst there. But what else has been complained about in the show’s long history? Here is a ranking of the most complained about moments on I’m A Celeb, of all time.

11. Jordan North voming on live TV in 2020 – 37 complaints

The most complained about I'm A Celeb moments and when celebrities got reported to Ofcom

via ITV

It might have become a bit of a meme, but Jordan North vomiting in the first episode of the 2020 series actually got ITV 37 Ofcom complaints. Tbf, the vomit was there, bright as day, for all to see.

When told he needed to abseil down a cliff before entering the castle, when the show was held in Wales, Jordan told the camera: “I feel quite anxious. I do feel a bit sick. This isn’t a normal thing to do.”

10. Jordan North being locked up with snakes in 2020 – 41 complaints

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The 2020 series received quite a few complaints, and more came following Jordan North’s final trial, when he was locked up with dozens of snakes. People complained regarding the treatment of the animals.

9. The famous Gillian McKeith ‘faint’ in 2010 – 50 complaints

The most complained about I'm A Celeb moments and when celebrities got reported to Ofcom

via ITV

Remember when Gillian McKeith may or may not have fainted at the thought of a seventh consecutive bushtucker trial back in 2010? People actually took the time to complain to regulators after that.

At the time, an Ofcom spokesperson said reasons for the complaints about the show included concern for the welfare of Gillian McKeith, following her fainting. But also, some of the complaints were regarding the idea the faint might have been fake, and came from people who had paid to vote for Gillian to take part in the trial, which she had then been ruled out of following the incident.

8. Martin Roberts bullying claims in 2016 – 51 complaints

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In 2016, there were a number of rows shown between EastEnders and Gavin and Stacey star Larry Lamb, and Homes Under The Hammer host, Martin Roberts. There was also a moment where Adam Thomas was seen not giving chocolate to Martin.

People complained to Ofcom saying they felt Martin was being bullied, and in an interview once he’d finished the show, Martin likened part of his experience to “being bullied at school”.

7. Gino D’Acampo killed a rat and cooked it in 2009 – undisclosed number of complaints

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During a scene in the 2009 show, Gino D’Acampo and fellow contestant Stuart Manning described how they killed a live rat and ate it. In the Bush Telegraph, Gino said: “I saw one of these rats running around. I got a knife, I got its throat, I picked it up.”

Ofcom decided not to investigate the complaints, but ITV was fined just under £1,700 by the RSPCA. At the time, it was reported Gino and Stuart had checked with producers if they could kill a rat, which was later served in a risotto, and were given the all clear by ITV.

6. Adam Thomas and Martin Roberts put live bugs in their mouths in 2016 – 51 complaints followed by a petition signed by 10,000 people

The most complained about I'm A Celeb moments and when celebrities got reported to Ofcom

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Ofcom reportedly received 51 complaints following a trial which included Adam and Martin in 2016. They were seen having to hold live critters in their mouths, which PETA released a statement about. The statement said the show’s “producers really have no imagination” and said bugs still get feelings of pain and fear.

This moment also sparked a petition which was signed by over 10,000 people. The petition asked for the use of live animals to be completely taken out of the programme.

5. Charlie Brooks being told she couldn’t see her daughter in 2012 – 66 complaints

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In the 2012 series, there was an opportunity for some of the campmates to see their family members in the jungle. Charlie Brooks nearly had the chance to see her seven-year-old daughter Kiki, but the chance was taken from her.

Charlie failed a challenge and chose the wrong door – which didn’t have Kiki stood behind. 66 people complained following this, saying giving Kiki the chance to come into the jungle and hug her mum, and then taking this away, was “cruel”.

4. James Haskell ‘mocked disability’ in 2019 – 110 complaints

The most complained about I'm A Celeb moments and when celebrities got reported to Ofcom

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In the 2019 jungle series, 110 complaints were made to Ofcom about James Haskell allegedly “mocking disability”. Haskell had made comments about the way Ian Wright ran, saying he looked like he’d “lost the plot” when he was running, and laughed: “Look at that clubfoot.”

3. I’m A Celebrity in 2020 received over 500 complaints regarding animal welfare

A few specific moments have already been mentioned, but the 2020 I’m A Celeb series overall received over 500 complaints to Ofcom regarding the welfare of animals – making it one of the most complained about series to date.

The RSPCA said: “We have serious concerns about the welfare of animals set to be featured on the new UK-based I’m a Celebrity. Since I’m a Celebrity was first aired, animals have been dropped, thrown, handled roughly, crushed, chased, overcrowded, scared by contestants and prevented from escaping from stressful experiences. There have also been incidents where animals have been killed for no other purpose than entertainment.

“The show’s messaging and the potential to prompt people to try and copy the bushtucker trials at home for entertainment is also worrying and we feel that deliberately portraying certain species as nasty or frightening or as objects that can be used purely for entertainment rather than sentient, living creatures sends out totally the wrong message.”

A spokesperson for I’m A Celebrity then defended the use of animals in trials. They told The Metro: “I’m A Celebrity complies with animal welfare law concerning the use of animals and we are proud of our exemplary production practices.”

2. Ferne McCann eating a live spider in 2015 – 1,500 complaints

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In 2015, Ferne McCann was called a “savage” after eating a live spider in her eating trial. The moment, which really was something, saw her being advised by Ant and Dec to swill the live water spider around in a cup so it would become scared and curl up in ball, before she ate it whole. There really is no surprise this has ended up as one of the most complained about moments in I’m A Celeb history.

Around 1,500 complaints were made about the moment in total, but Ofcom cleared I’m a Celebrity of any wrongdoing saying the nature of the trial was “well within” what viewers of the show expect to see.

1. Matt Hancock being in the 2022 jungle – 2,000 complaints

The most complained about I'm A Celeb moments and when celebrities got reported to Ofcom

via ITV

This year of I’m A Celeb has already had the top ranked in the most complained about I’m A Celeb moments of all time. Since Matt Hancock entered the jungle, 2,000 complaints have been made about him being there. Ofcom has confirmed the majority of complaints, around 1,100, were literally just about Matt Hancock’s presence in the jungle.

More have since been made about how other campmates have treated him, and as it stands his jungle stint has racked up 1,198 complaints.

A statement from Ofcom said: “It’s worth being aware that under our rules, in principle – and taking into account freedom of expression – there’s no ban on any particular person taking part in programmes. However, if the mere presence of a person is likely to cause offence, we would expect broadcasters to take steps to mitigate or justify that offence. How they do that editorially, is up to them.”

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