Here’s what the cast of The Good Nurse look like compared to the real life people

How does Netflix always get it so right?

When actors take on the roles of real life people, you’d expect them to somewhat look alike. In Netflix’s The Good Nurse, the casting team did a fairly decent job at matching the actors to the real life counterparts. Netflix’s earlier project Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story did an eerily good job of making the cast members look like the real life people they portrayed.

The Good Nurse is Netflix’s latest true crime movie which tells the story of serial killer Charles Cullen, who murdered up to 40 people while working in a hospital. It was Charles‘ friend Amy who worked with the police to bring him to justice. Here is what the cast of The Good Nurse on Netflix look like in the show, compared to the real life people they were portraying.

Charles Cullen

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In the movie, serial killer Charles Cullen is played by Eddie Redmayne. After his arrest in 2003, Cullen admitted to killing between 30 and 40 of his patients, but he is believed to have killed 400 people. When Charles was arrested he was 43 years old, and actor Eddie Redmayne is 40.

Amy Loughren

The Good Nurse cast real

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Amy Loughren is the good nurse who worked with the police to help bring down Charles Cullen. Amy and Charles both worked together before he was arrested. Amy is played by Jessica Chastain.

Tim Braun

The Good Nurse cast real

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Detective Tim Braun worked alongside Danny Baldwin and Amy Loughren during their investigations of the murders by Charles Cullen. This case was Braun’s last case before he retired in 2005. Tim Braun is played by Noah Emmerich who has starred in The Truman Show and The Americans.

Danny Baldwin

The Good Nurse cast real

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Nnamdi Asomugha stars as Danny Baldwin. Nnamdi is married to The School for Good and Evil actress Kerry Washington. Danny Baldwin worked with both Amy Loughren and Tim Braun to convict Charles Cullen of his crimes.

Linda Garran

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Linda Garran is the hospital’s risk manager who prompts the hospital employees to never talk to the police without the guidance of the hospital attorney. Linda is allegedly based on real-life risk manager Mary Lund. There aren’t photos of Lund online but according to her LinkedIn profile, she still works at Somerset Medical Centers.

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