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All the equally wild shows you need to watch now Married at First Sight UK is over

Chaos sells clearly

Now Married at First Sight UK is over, everyone’s first half of the week has been freed up considerably. With no more screaming matches over a dinner table and sordid affairs to watch unfurl, there is now an empty hole of reality TV that needs to be filled. With Love Island not returning until 2023, what other reality TV dating shows that are just as wild as Married at First Sight UK are available to watch right now?

Here are all the shows like Married at First Sight UK to watch now it has ended:

Love Is Blind

If there’s one show that it just as wild as MAFS, it’s Love Is Blind. With a similar premise of marrying a complete stranger, the latest season of Love Is Blind is now available on Netflix along with all the other previous seasons. Much like Married at First Sight UK, the show is a social experiment where individuals go on blind dates with each other to try and find love, with the ultimate test being they get married in the end.

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On

By the same creators of Love is Blind comes The Ultimatum. Nick and Vanessa Lachey are also the hosts on this show where they encourage couples to put their love to the ultimate test while seeing if they could find a spark elsewhere.

Dated and Related

Netflix’s latest dating show Dates and Related is as wild as it sounds. The premise of the show is pretty straight forward with a group of contestants who are matched up with potential partners by their siblings. Yes, you read that correctly. Their siblings have to quite literally watch them crack on with random people they have only just met. It’s basically Love Island but if your bestie in the villa was your brother or sister.

Married at First Sight Australia

If you’re still wanting some Married at First Sight drama, the Australian version of the show is currently streaming on E4. The latest season of the UK version had some major shakeups to make it similar to the Aussie version, so expect even more drama in the down under.

Too Hot To Handle

Netflix really have a thing for wild dating shows and I am so here for it. Each season follows a group of singles who take part in a social experiment where they have to remain celibate for a chance to win $100,000. From with how much the winners end up with in the end, it doesn’t seem to be the most enticing money prize. All three seasons of Too Hot To Handle are available on Netflix.

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