Liz Truss resignation memes

24 memes about Liz Truss resigning that will make you laugh for longer than her time as PM

The wig wearing lettuce is thriving

Liz Truss has resigned as prime minister in a move that hasn’t shocked a single soul who’s watched even a crumb of news from the last day. Nay, from the last week. It’s one of the biggest disasters ever witnessed in British political history, but if there’s one shining light that bursts out of our country going up in organisational flames – it’s that Twitter will be full of the best tweets and memes in the game. And it hasn’t disappointed – here are the funniest Liz Truss resignation memes for your comedy viewing pleasure.

1. We have to start with the most important declaration, as is tradition

2. The fact that the Liz Lettuce actually outlived her

3. Bit of a yikes

4. She was a Swifty til the bitter end

5. She is banned from the Christina Aguilera song Fighter for life

6. Literally not a single chance 

7. Not the Sminty twerk

8. RIP the Truss administration you’d have loved the regeneration of Jodie Whittaker

9. I cannot believe this

10. I need this FRAMED

11. Fascinated by this conspiracy

12. Thomas for next Prime Minister

13. I’m envisioning a very smug Sunak

14. Another conspiracy theory that needs an urgent Googling

15. Extraordinarily relatable

16. She’d wipe the floor with them! Literally!

17. This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

18. Tofu and Lettuce having the week of their LIVES

19. She doesn’t deserve a spot

20. Not now Penny!

21. Get her Diane!

22. She will be pick me-ing as we speak

23. Get Brenda in office NOW

24. It’s truly thriving

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