Kwasi Kwarteng resigned chancellor memes tweets reactions

Kwasi Kwarteng only lasted 38 days, but these memes will live on forever

‘I’ve had some cheese in my fridge that’s lasted longer than him as chancellor’

So, Kwasi Kwarteng has resigned after just 38 days as chancellor. He is officially the second shortest serving politician in the role in history. We’ve had four chancellors in four months, as well as a new Prime Minister and King in that time. Is Mercury in retrograde again??

If anything happens in British politics, it’s safe to say people will be straight on Twitter writing memes and reactions to it – and today after Kwasi Kwarteng resigned, it is no exception. People are saying Kwarteng was in office for less time than David Blaine was in that glass box, and saying they’ve had blocks of cheese and even entire menstrual cycles longer than he was serving as chancellor.

Here’s what everyone is saying about Kwasi Kwarteng having resigned, in memes tweets and reactions:

1. Crying

2. And there it is again

3. Bells all round

4. Meltdown at the Daily Telegraph rn

5. Go on Claude!

6. Nightmare blunt rotation

7. Awkies

8. Okay so clearly everyone thought of the same David Blaine joke

9. Oh dear

10. Same

11. I would pay good money to see this in real life

12. Soz hun x

13. Please not any more

14. This is genuinely real

15. I’ve had ENOUGH

16. Correct

17. What a throwback

18. It really does x


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