Here are 15 things that have lasted longer than Liz Truss did as prime minister of the UK

7. The recommended time between haircuts

Liz Truss has resigned after a testing 45 days in the office. Of course that won’t shock you though given the absolute state of British politics. For the last 45 days, maybe even since David Cameron stepped in number 10, we have been living in a nightmare and it’s all boiled down to Liz getting her Trussy out of here. But if there’s one thing we’re good at on this silly little island, it’s taking the piss. So here’s a rundown of 15 things that lasted longer than Liz Truss’ tragic time in office, starting with one of the most hilarious but equally distressing.

1. The Tory race for leadership

This is just bleak.

2. Molly-Mae keeping her pregnancy a secret

This was by a long way too, shame on Liz!

3. Every single season of Love Island from season two onwards


4. Queen’s Gambit last 46 days as number one on Netflix

I’m just as shocked as you. What makes it worse is the fact 365 days is second.

5. 12 out of the 13 seasons of Gogglebox are longer

Gorgeous vibes.

6. Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries in 2011

We all knew this was coming.

7. The recommended time between haircuts

I bet you weren’t expecting this one.

8. The frozen chips in my freezer

And yours!

9. The British summer time

Fairly obvious but adds to the fun.

10. The amount of time it takes to print and receive your new passport

I think it’s wild that this takes up to ten weeks, what the hell is going on??

11. Big Brother season eight

A classic.

12. Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You was in the charts for longer

Awful song but that’s what makes this roundup better.

13. So was Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk

See above.

14. Pumpkins when they are stored in a cool, dark and dry place

Halloween vibes.

15. A cactus without water can last longer

This one is obvious too but at this point it makes Liz’s residency in number 10 even more tragic.

Feature image before edits credited to Alexandros Michailidis via Shutterstock.

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