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Gemma and Michael Owen have done an Amazon advert and it’s absolutely hellish

The worst performances in the history of acting

I come to you with some very sad news this morning. Love Island runner up Gemma Owen and her legendary footballer dad have joined the legions of cursed Islander spon con with a depressing Amazon advert that leaves a lot of acting skills to be desired.

Last night, Gemma Owen shared her new Amazon advert on her Instagram – it features her dad Michael and it’s safe to say it’s getting rinsed within an inch of its life. It’s not even all the Owens’ fault – even the “professional” actress Amazon have roped in keeps dragging the quality of it back down into the depths of the dirt.

‘Err, is that… For me?’

The premise is such: An Amazon van trundles up the driveway of a house you could be mistaken for thinking was the evil walls of Hill House from the terrifying Netflix show. A door bell rings so loudly and opulently, just in case the massive door the Owens look like they’ve robbed from Hampton Court didn’t tell you clearly enough that affluent people live here.

The Amazon delivery person says they’ve “got a package for the boss – the big deal of the house.” Michael Owen goes to take it and thank the deliverer, but Gemma swoops in and reveals it’s for her! Comedy gold! Get it? Because HE’S the famous footballer! And she came second on Love Island! But now she’s famous!!!! The laughs do truly roll.

The delivery person reinforces that Gemma IS a big deal, Michael! God! And then Michael moans comically about how he’s been in the biz for 25 years and she’s been in it three months. It’s all done with the conviction of a year nine drama class. Gemma did however say that “their acting skills definitely aren’t a big deal”, so you know what? Fair play.

I guess this could all be attributed to Ekin-Su – an actor extraordinaire who the Owens might have wanted to pay tribute to. Mercury Prize nominated singer Self Esteem shared the video to her story, saying “Asteroid now please.” I feel ya, gal!

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