Guys, people legitimately think there’s evidence Ekin-Su and Davide have broken up

Right, what the hell is going on?

Guys, I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but there are rumours beginning to circulate and reports are putting together evidence to show Ekin-Su and Davide might have broken up. I’ll straight away say our Love Island winners have not said ~anything~ themselves, and literally have a show together coming up soon, but still, the evidence is interesting – albeit taken with a pinch of salt.

Since they left the villa, Ekin-Su and Davide have literally been each other’s biggest fans. They’ve had brand deals, done runways, been on TV and are living their best lives. But, that hasn’t stopped people, and tabloids who shall be named later on, coming for them and swamping them with breakup rumours.

I refuse to believe that this could be true, but what the hell is going on?! Here’s a breakdown of the supposed “evidence” there is pointing towards Ekin-Su and Davide having broken up. Shaking!

Love Island winners Ekin-Su and Davide

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Davide went to Ibiza and Ekin-Su has been in Rome

A big thing that has left people confused is why the pair have been holidaying separately recently. Davide has been in Ibiza with Spotify for an end of season party, whilst Ekin-Su has been in Rome doing a shoot.

Davide was pictured partying whilst Ekin-Su visited romantic hotspot the Trevi Fountain. Seeing them apart feels WRONG.

Fans have spotted cryptic messages and deleted tweets

What makes them being apart even more interesting, is that Ekin-Su was tweeting – and swiftly deleting – tweets whilst they were separate. According to The Sun, in the early hours of Saturday morning, Ekin-Su said on Twitter: “Priorities… hmm.” She later deleted the tweet, and posted: “To all my fans supporting me all the time. I love you…Ekin always will be making the right moves #trust #watchthisspace.”

She added: “My fans mean the world to me. Don’t worry guys I’m taking note! And trust me I love you all SO much.”

But! She’s since tweeted saying “missing my man” – so I think we can lay that one to rest.

Ekin-Su said her relationship with Davide is like a job

Ekin-Su has always been pretty open about her relationship with Davide and how she’s feeling. Following him being photographed getting into a taxi with two other women, and then the busy launch of her OhPolly collection, Ekin-Su described how being in a relationship in the public eye “isn’t easy”. She added: “Having a relationship is a job on its own!”

However, she did say since the villa, herself and Davide have really come to realise how much they care for one another. “When you really love someone you get jealous,” she said. “And whereas before it wasn’t that intense, now it’s like, ‘Oh my God, we really care about each other!'”

They’re fine! Manifesting it!

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