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From engagements to babies: A look inside the wholesome love lives of the Sidemen

Simon and Talia have just got married!


The Sidemen have been a staple on YouTube since 2013 and almost ten years on they have continued to rise to fame. While guaranteeing us all laughs with every single one of their videos, many of the Sidemen have been getting up to some pretty wholesome things in their personal lives. Whether it’s having children or getting engaged, the Sidemen are all grown up! Here is a deep dive into the love lives of the Sidemen:


KSI is one of the greatest and most popular British YouTubers of our generation and he has kept pretty much all of his personal relationships on the down low. KSI is currently single but he has been in a number of relationships in the past. In November 2021, KSI confirmed that he and his girlfriend had split up. At the time he said: “Me and my girlfriend are not together anymore. It just didn’t work out. It’s no one’s fault, it just didn’t work out. But it’s okay. It happened a while ago.”

From 2012 to 2014, KSI dated Seana Cuthbert but the two broke up after she claimed in a YouTube video he didn’t have the time for a relationship.


Miniminter, AKA Simon Minter, is now married to his long term girlfriend Talia Mar. Talia and Simon have been dating since 2017, despite not publicly announcing their relationship until 2018. The two met at Wireless Festival and they have travelled the world together and visited places like China and the USA. The two announced their engagement in June 2022, so fans could possibly expect a wedding in the next couples of years or so.

In June 2023, the couple tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in Italy. Josh Zerka was one of Simon’s groomsmen and his girlfriend, Freya, was one of the bridesmaids. Wholesome!


Ethan Payne, who is more professionally known as Behzinga, is currently dating Faith Kelly. The two have recently announced the birth of their first child Olive Ottilie Payne. It is not known when Faith and Ethan first began dating but she first appeared on his Instagram page in June 2021.


Tobi, the most wholesome member of the Sidemen, is reportedly single. It is reported he has been in one relationship before but he has kept that very under wraps and not much is known about his personal love life.


Josh Zerker has been with his girlfriend Freya Nightingale since 2010 and in 2019 they both moved in with each another. Fans are constantly asking Josh when he will propose to Freya as the two have been together for almost 12 years.


Simon is not the only Sidemen member who has gotten engaged recently. Vikkstar, AKA Vikram, got engaged with his girlfriend Ellie Harlow in December 2021. Vikk proposed to Ellie in front of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. Ellie keeps a pretty low profile and isn’t in the public eye as much as her boyfriend and it isn’t known when the two started dating but Ellie first appeared on his Instagram in April 2020.


Harry, who is more professionally known as Wrotetoshaw is currently single. He was in a long-term relationship with Katie Leach for years but they have since split up. Katie seems to have moved on as her very vibey Instagram account has multiple pictures of her with another man on their travels.

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