celebrities in the queue

From David Beckham to Sharon Osbourne: Every celeb sighting in ‘The Queue’ so far

People are lining up for miles to see the Queen’s coffin


Mourners only have until Monday to visit the Queen’s coffin in Westminster Hall, where her body has been on display since Wednesday (14th September).

Ever since it was first reported that people would potentially need to wait up to 30 hours to see the Queen for one last time, “The Queue” has gained a life of its own. People have been memeing it, making skits about it (like the amazing one-man queue-sical), and telling out-there stories about it.

But, the thing we really want to know is – where are all the celebrities at? Okay, so they’re probably not going to be the coolest of celebs; there’s something to be said about the fact Philip Schofield is one of the only high-profile presenters spotted so far. But as the queue rolls on over the weekend, who knows which famous faces we might see? Plus, I hear Matt Smith might even be making an appearance. The drama!

So, these are all the celebrities we’ve spotted so far:

1. David Beckham

2. Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby

3. Susanna Reid

4. Sharon Osbourne

celebrities in the queue

Photo via ITV

5. James Blunt

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