A guy on TikTok is claiming he met Davide in Liverpool, and he had a Scouse accent?

The real Davide or Scouside? This is a case for the FBI

A Scouser has posted a video on TikTok detailing how he met who he assumed was Davide Sanclimenti from Love Island in Liverpool and asked him for a photo, before doubting everything he thought he knew when famously Italian “Davide” replied with a Scouse accent.

Liam Dolan, a Scouser with 140k on TikTok, says in the video: “Okay – the weirdest thing just happened to me. I’ve just seen Davide from Love Island in town and he was Scouse. I asked him for a picture and he said ‘Oh ye, go ed, mate’. And I thought he was meant to be Italian – why’s he speaking Scouse? And we took the picture and he walked off.

“I’m a bit 50/50 if it was a lookalike, but if it was it was a f*cking good lookalike. I’m just confused… Why was he Scouse?”

Liam then shares the picture he took with “Davide” and asks people to say whether they think it’s the Love Island winner or not.

The comments on the TikTok are divided. One says “You met David not Davide”, another saying “Davide’s a Scouse prin” and the ultimate evidence that it’s actually our villa king: “It’s him. He posted on Instagram that he was in Liverpool.”

Davide is yet to comment on the conspiracy, but I need answers. I’ve approached his team for comment on the matter so stay tuned from an update from Davide HQ on if he’s a secret Scouser all along.

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