ITV boss has defended Love Island

‘I don’t think we should stop’: ITV boss defends Love Island bullying complaints

He said a good consequence of Love Island is that it raises points about people’s behaviour

ITV Boss Kevin Lygo has defended Love Island against criticism it has faced over bullying and misogynistic behaviour during this year’s show. Kevin warned that preventing controversy on reality TV shows like Love Island would mean they’d have to be scrapped altogether.

Speaking at the Edinburgh TV Festival, Kevin explained there is a “certain risk” about going on television. He said: “It may not be exactly what you think it’s going to be as a member of the public, but I don’t think we should stop, because the logical conclusion is you don’t allow members of the public on telly. That’s the only way.”

This season of Love Island faced nearly 5,000 Ofcom complaints, with the movie night becoming the most complained about of the season. The ITV boss said some scenes which people viewed as inappropriate or uncomfortable could be used to help educate young people instead. He argued there had been research done into why young boys watch Love Island and that it helps to inform and educate. “It found they’d never witnessed young girls together talking about boys and they found it absolutely fascinating and, hopefully, informative to the fact that muscles aren’t everything,” he said.

Luca and Dami address bullying

The ITV boss said a good “consequence” of entertainment shows like Love Island, is that it “raises these points of people’s behaviour”, but producers have to ensure they don’t step too far.

Kevin addressed past mistakes on the show but claimed the measures put in place by Love Island bosses were more thorough than at any point in the history of television. He said: “If you look back only a few years even the term duty of care was hardly used – now it’s on everybody’s lips all the time. Broadcasters are now very well informed and impose conditions on commissions that duty of care is uppermost in producers in minds.”

He explained that before the contestants go onto Love Island, their GPs are contacted and psychologists are all involved prior, during and after the show. Kevin claims the producers are “more skilled” in allowing the Islanders to have access to psychologists and counsellors all the time while they are on the show.

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