Where are the people from Netflix’s Woodstock 99 documentary now?

Michael Lang died three months after filming ended

Netflix has recently released a three part documentary about the Woodstock festival revival that took place in 1999. The documentary follows the organisers of the event, along with people who worked it and attendees, to discuss how the festival fuelled by peace and love quickly turned into such a disaster.

From riots, fires, assaults and even deaths, the entire documentary start to finish is wild and it shows just how disastrous the festival was.

Everyone interviewed for the Netflix documentary has a different idea about how things went wrong from the lack of security, to Limp Bizket’s chaotic set or the organisers themselves who just seemed wilfully ignorant to the part they played in the whole thing.

At the very end of the documentary, viewers found out that Michael Lang died three months after filming finished. But what happened to everyone else who was involved in the festival and featured in the Netflix show? This is where everyone who was interviewed for the Netflix doc is now:

Michael Lang

via Netflix

At the end of the documentary, it was revealed that the original Woodstock founder Michael Lang had died three months after filming ending on 8th January 2022. Michael died at the age of 73 in New York from a rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

His rep and long-time friend Michael Pagnotta took to Twitter to confirm the news and said: “We are very sad to hear that legendary Woodstock icon and long time family friend Michael Lang has passed at 77 after a brief illness. Rest In Peace.”

John Scher

via Netflix

John Scher worked as the promotor for Woodstock 99 and was essentially Michael Lang’s right-hand man when it come to organising the festival. What was most notable about John from the Netflix documentary was his seeming ignorance to the role that the organisers had played in the outcome of the festival, instead blaming the bands and the attendees.

Today, John still works as a promoter and lives in New Jersey. He is the president of Metropolitan Entertainment Consultants, an entertainment company founded more than 50 years ago that works to promote concerts and festival. Some of his clients include Whitney Houston and the Grateful Dead.

Ananda Lewis

via Netflix

Ananda Lewis was a presenter for MTV and worked the festival producing content for them. After she left MTV, Ananda had her own TV show that lasted only one season. She has since worked as The Insider’s chief correspondent on all things celebrity.

In 2020, Ananda posted a seven minute long video to her Instagram sharing that she had been struggling with breast cancer for the past two years and encouraged women to always check their breasts.

Pilar Law

via Netflix

Pilar Law, the daughter of American photographer Lisa Law, was Michael Lang’s assistant at the time Woodstock 99 took place. The Netflix documentary concluded with Pilar talking about how after the festival women had got in contact with her, sharing they had been raped and sexually assaulted whilst they were there.

Walking in her mother’s foot steps, Pilar has worked as a photographer for the past 14 years and has set up her own gallery.

Lisa Law

via Netflix

Lisa Law was one of the official photographers for Woodstock 99 and had also been involved with the original event 30 years prior where she set up the free kitchen. The Netflix documentary shows how she went out of her way at the 1999 reboot to help with the rubbish pile up by driving around and giving out bin bags to attendees.

Lisa continued to work as a photographer after the festival and used her work to raise awareness about the rights of indigenous people. In 2019, she opened up a museum in Yelapa, Mexico.

David Blaustein

via Netflix

David Blaustein was a young journalist working for ABC news during Woodstock 99 and claimed he was the only journalist at the festival to report live from the mosh pit.

Since the festival, David is a Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic and has worked at radio networks.

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