Hunter Moore girlfriend now

Where is Hunter Moore’s girlfriend Kirra Hughes now?

After she found out about what he had done, she bought a one-way ticket to New York

Netflix’s The Most Hated Man on the Internet is what everyone is talking about. The limited docuseries tells the story of Hunter Moore and his revenge porn website The documentary shares the point of view of the victims who had to deal with their nude photos being on the website, as well as those closest to him, including his ex-girlfriend Kirra Hughes.

Kirra is one of the women featured in the documentary and she gives viewers an insight into Hunter Moore and the run up to the creation of the revenge porn site. But who actually was Hunter Moore’s girlfriend and how did she get involved with the “king of revenge porn” and where is she now?

Who is Kirra Hughes?

Kirra Hughes is a 31-year-old social media influencer who was Hunter Moore’s girlfriend around the time he created She was 18 when they met after she had moved to San Fransisco to study fashion. In the documentary, Kirra says she met Hunter at a party and they immediately hit it off.

When Hunter first told her about the website, she said she thought it was strange but didn’t fully understand the damage it would cause the victims. At first, she didn’t think his actions were wrong but her point of view soon changed after discovering dozens of message requests on Facebook from strangers begging her to ask Hunter to remove their photos from the website.

In the documentary, she said: “I feel ashamed and upset, I just wish I had known better at the time. One of my biggest regrets is not speaking up when I had a voice.”

Where is Kirra Hughes now?

Hunter Moore girlfriend now

After discovering the extent to what Hunter had done, Kirra bought a one-way ticket to New York. Since her relationship, Kirra went on to have a career as a model and she has modelled for the likes of The Kooples, Ponyboy and Filthy Mouth Creative. She also works as a scenic prop designer and resides in Brooklyn in New York City.

Kirra’s Instagram is currently private with 33,000 followers and her bio reads: “Be gentle”.

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