A fraudster, a footballer and a fishmonger: Meet the parents of the Love Island 2022 cast

Can’t wait for the Meet the Parents episode

Love Island 2022 is drawing to a close and that can only mean one thing- we’re oh so close to meeting the parents of the cast.

Every year there’s an episode where the contestants’ parents swan into the villa to be reunited with their kids and discuss the ongoings of the past eight weeks. And thankfully, that episode is just round the corner.

Here’s a sneak peak at what the parents of this year’s contestants are actually like.

Michael and Louise- Gemma Owen’s parents


Michael Owen (left) via Instagram

It’s no secret that Gemma Owen’s dad is famous ex-footballer Michael Owen. Back in the day Michael played for Liverpool, England, and in 2001 he won the Ballon d’Or- the award that goes to the best player in the world. Now, Michael Owen works as a pundit on football programmes for BT Sport and does weird adverts like this:

But what about Gemma’s mum? Louise Owen has four kids with Michael, including Gemma. She’s passionate about horses and founded Manor House Stables in Cheshire, a sanctuary for retired race horses.


Louise and Gemma Owen via Instagram

While she tries to stay out of the public eye, Louise commented on one of Gemma’s Insta photos: “No words can describe how proud I am of you and what exciting times ahead for you!”

Billy- Adam Collard’s dad

Adam with his father Billy via Facebook

Back when Adam was last on Love Island, a story emerged in MailOnline about his multi-millionaire father, Billy, and his shady past.

Bill is reportedly worth £3m and makes around £140,000 a year from his property portfolio. Despite his riches, Billy claimed £6,000 a month in housing benefit over a nine month period, saying that a sleeping disorder meant he couldn’t work.

Newcastle Crown Court gave him a two-year conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £2,000 in court fees.

Sezer and Zekai- Ekin-Su Culculoglu’s parents

There’s not too much information out there on Ekin-Su’s dad, Zekai, but we do know that her mum, Sezer, is a retired teacher and psychotherapist.

Ekin-Su as a child with her father via Instagram

Sezer told OK! magazine that Ekin-Su has dreamt of being famous ever since she was just three years old. She also revealed that prior to the start of the show, Ekin-Su said she fancied Luca.

Sezer said: “I know she likes Luca because Su told me she finds him attractive. We got to look at the pictures of all of the contestants at the beginning of the show and she was saying, ‘Luca looks nice.’”

Ekin with her dad and little brother via Instagram

It’s thought Ekin-Su’s mum and younger brother will be joining her in the villa for the Meet the Parents episode, as her brother has been posting pics of himself in Mallorca.

Davide Sanclimenti’s mum

Davide’s mum keeps a very low profile. So low, in fact, that no one even knows her name. However, Davide’s Insta account recently did a Q&A in which they posted a pic of him and his mum.


Via Instagram

Maria and Michael- Luca Bish’s parents

Maria Bish works as an antiques dealer while Michael is a fishmonger.

Nick Cave, the lead singer of the Bad Seeds, recently revealed how Luca’s parents supported him following the tragic death of his own son, Arthur.

Cave said that his wife Susie watches Love Island “because we know one of the contestants, Luca. Luca was a school friend of our twins, Arthur and Earl.

“As a consequence, Susie and I became friends with Luca’s parents, Maria and Michael. Maria is an antique dealer. Michael is a fishmonger. Luca is a fishmonger too.

“After Arthur died, in the early days of that terrible, chaotic first week, Maria turned up on our doorstep with a tray of lasagne and basically looked after us. She barely said anything to us. She made us cups of tea. She cooked for us. She was just there.

“She was the one constant through a time of horror and confusion, when scores of despairing and commiserating people came and went. We will never forget her kindness.

“Even in the first week, when the world seemed suddenly and shockingly defined by an unspeakable and distorting cruelty, Maria reminded us that there was good in the world.

“She also served as a lesson in how to deal with grieving people – you don’t need to say anything, just do something; make them a cup of tea, cook them dinner.”

Dee- Indiyah Polack’s mum

Indiyah’s mum has been keeping a watchful eye on Dami ever since he and Indiyah decided to couple up with other people after Casa Amor.

After the pair eventually recoupled, Dee told The Mirror: “They look good together… but Dami is still on probation in my eyes.”

She added: “Do not hurt my Indi – I’ll be watching you!”

Paige Thorne’s parents

Via Instagram

Paige’s mum was reportedly very supportive when her daughter announced she was going on the show. Mr Thorne was, however, not best pleased. He apparently was concerned she’d do stuff that he wouldn’t approve of and was worried about everyone seeing her on-screen antics.

Dee- Indiyah Polack’s mum

Indiyah’s mum has been keeping a watchful eye on Dami ever since he and Indiyah decided to couple up with other people after Casa Amor.

When the pair eventually recoupled, Dee told The Mirror: “They look good together… but Dami is still on probation in my eyes.”

She added: “Do not hurt my Indi – I’ll be watching you!”

Stefanie and Tarek- Tasha Ghouri’s parents


Via Instagram

Tasha Ghouri’s parents are called Stefanie and Tarek.

Tarek has been one of the more vocal parents during this season of Love Island. Just yesterday, he took to Twitter to voice his approval for her daughter’s budding relationship with Andrew Le Page.

“Andrew is looking more and more like son in law material,” he said.

Andrew Le Page’s mum

Andrew has a close relationship with his mum, posting this snap on Mothers’ Day. The pic was captioned: “Nothing is lost until your mum can’t find it.”


Via Instagram

Bukola and Babajide- Dami Hope’s parents

Dami’s family live in New Ross, Ireland and have been keenly watching his progress throughout the show. While his mum, Bukola, and dad, Babajide, have kept a relatively low profile, his sister, Cynthia, has been quite vocal on Dami’s Love Island journey.

She desrcibes Dami as outgoing, open and honest, adding: “He won’t go behind your back. He would tell you if you have done something wrong. He is bubbly and friendly and welcoming and if you ever need advice or comfort he is there for you.”

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