Pictured is Paige and Jacques during the Love Island 2022 Casa Amor recoupling

Enjoy these 27 Casa Amor recoupling memes while you try and work out why the boys are mad

If Indiyah has 100 fans, they’re all me x

Last night’s Casa Amor episode had everyone audibly gasping and at the edge of their seats after some shocking recouplings and revelations. Dami, Andrew and Jay all recoupled with a Casa Amor girl and Indiyah, Tasha and Danica coupled up with a Casa Amor boy. While everyone was pleased for Danica and Jay, Andrew and Dami’s digs at the girls did not go down well. Luca, Davide and Jacques all stayed single as did their girls, but in a twist two of the Casa Amor girls revealed all about who they felt they had a connection with in the villa before being dumped from the Island.

The Casa Amor recoupling was dramatic but nothing can top it other than Love Island viewers and their reactions on social media. While you process why Andrew and Dami are mad when they did the same thing to Tasha and Indiyah, enjoy these 27 memes:

1. So toxic, yet so good


3. We love a supportive queen

4. Just take my card now

5. Dami is not to be trusted

6. It’s all the drama! I just love it!

7. See you there very soon x

8. Debrief!

9. A movie night is a necessity at this point

10. You’ve done well, for now

11. Ridiculous tbh

12. My winners <3

13. I need her to see that clip as soon as humanely possible

14. The double standards in insane

15. If I can never hear the words ‘it’s a test’ again, I’ll sleep well

16. Don’t be shy x

17. A composed queen x

18. Where has she been?

19. Alexa, play Last Last by Burna Boy

20. There is no doubt!!

21. City girlssssss

22. Pretty much

23. Indiyah, I love you

24. All he wanted tbh

25. Every single one!

26. Hate it

27. The blueprint

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