An ode to Davide and Ekin-Su: The best couple to grace the Love Island villa

Can they adopt me please??

Ekin-Su and Davide are the best couple to grace the Love Island villa and I am OBSESSED with them. Like genuinely, can they please adopt me. Ekin-Su is the best bombshell in Love Island history and she can genuinely do no wrong in my eyes, chaotic queen.

They’ve had their ups and downs, but I think we can all agree Ekin-Su and Davide are the enemies to lovers arc we all needed this season. I will be HEARTBROKEN if they don’t make it past Casa Amor. So this is an ode to Davide and Ekin-Su, the most iconic and chaotic couple to grace the Love Island Villa and who make tuning in to ITV2 at 9pm every night worth it.

The chemistry in last night’s date? Chef’s kiss

I don’t think I’ll ever be over their date last night. The chemistry? Amazing. And the kiss? Adorable. I don’t think I’ve ever smiled at a Love Island date before but theirs had me grinning like I was on the date myself.

The producers really said: “Davide you’re trying to hide how you feel for Ekin-Su? Here’s a date xx” and I’m so glad they did.

Their enemies to lovers arc is ICONIC

We really went from the iconic “Liar, actress, go the fuck out” to him feeding her grapes, washing her feet and offering to warm her up when she was cold.

We’re seeing their feelings develop in front of our eyes and it is so lovely to see. They don’t stop smiling and giggling around each other and it’s so sweet.

It’s giving divorced parents bonding

I feel like I’m watching my divorced parents slowly fall back in love and it is something straight out of a 2010s romcom.

The way the other Islanders are fully rooting for them to get back together as well. They are DESTINED for each other. Now we just need Davide to admit he is madly in love with her.

I need a Davide and Ekin-Su spin-off

If that date was anything to go off this would be absolutely iconic. They would have just the right amount of drama and just the right amount of romance. They both are just excellent television. First season travelling around Italy and second season in Turkey. Perfect.

Just IMAGINE them in the baby challenge

I NEED to see the carnage that would unfold with Ekin-Su and Davide in the baby challenge because it would be utter chaos. Davide would probably ignore the baby and Ekin-Su would probably leave it out in the sun or something.

But just let me be that baby please and thank you x

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