Pictured is Love Island contestants Paige and Jacques

Paige’s friends call for her to be ‘saved’ from Jacques after he calls her ‘pathetic’

Jacques also called Paige ‘a clown’


Love Island contestant Paige Thorne’s friends have called for her to be “saved” from Jacques after he admitted he still gets turned on by ex-girlfriend Gemma Owen. During this week’s heart rate challenge, it was revealed that fellow contestant Jacques’s heart was raised the most by Gemma, and not Paige, who he is coupled up with.

After Paige confronted Jacques about it, he lashed out and called her “pathetic” and told her to “f*** off”. Jacques said: “Are you actually bothered about Gem and me? You’re being pathetic. I don’t understand how you have a problem with that.” Shortly after, he admitted to having flashbacks of sex with Gemma Owen and that was why his heart was raised the most by her during the challenge.

In response to Jacques’s confession, former Islander Chloe Burrows said: “Oh my god Jacques??? You could have lied???”

Chloe Burrows wasn’t the only person who felt the same way. Paige’s Twitter account handler quote tweeted Chloe’s tweet and said: “Someone save my gal from this hell”.

During Tuesday’s show, viewers of Love Island also expressed their opinion on social media about Jacques’s behaviour and about the way he speaks to Paige. One user said: “Seeing so many red flags from Jacques. Why does he talk to Paige like that?”

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