Davide’s family makes savage swipe at Ekin-Su calling her ‘desperate’ in a brutal post

Oh right, we’re not holding back then are we?

In the last few days, Love Island has really started to heat up. Bombshell Ekin-Su has been running riot in the villa, and the next episode has teased her sacking off Davide, who she’s coupled up with, and making her move on new guy Jay.

But, this isn’t something Davide’s friends and family are taking lightly. In a savage post on Instagram, his “team” has shared exactly what they think of Ekin-Su’s actions. They called her “desperate” to be the most talked about Islander, and basically said he’d be better off coupling up with Paige.

“How about you make your own coffee ☕️🖐,” the post began. “Over the past few days we all had to tolerate a desperate attempt to steal the show. Like Davide said ‘something is not quite right’ and we really hope he figures out what’s really going on and takes action. He’s got a big heart and deserves someone genuine, someone on the same Pa(i)ge 😉”.

It continued to say Ekin-Su isn’t acting “like a lady”. The post added: “‘I’d rather be in bed with you’…If you want to be treated like a lady, act like one first 🤦‍♂️ On behalf of Davide, thank you all for your support, it means so much to him ❤️.” The post was signed off  “yours truthfully, Davide’s team”.

via ITV

In tonight’s episode, Ekin-Su gets torn between Davide and Jay. Heading up to the terrace, she and Jay crawl along the floor to remain out of sight from their fellow Islanders and seem to prepare to share a secret kiss. The next evening, Ekin-Su heads to the terrace once again. Jay realises it’s his cue to go with her. The pair again crawl outside to the terrace unbeknown to the rest of the villa.

However, it appears the other Islanders have cottoned on to where they are, Gemma speculates: “Are they on the terrace?”, whilst Luca shouts up: “Ekin-Su, Jay?”. Later, gathering Paige and Gemma around the fire pit, Ekin-Su reveals: “Girls you deserve to know this right now, I am going to say it. So for the past two days, two nights, I’ve been meeting up with Jay on the terrace and getting quite close with him…”

Will she tell all? What does this mean for Ekin-Su and Davide now? YIKES!!!

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