Everything Michael Owen has said about Gemma being on Love Island

‘A father’s worst nightmare’

Former Liverpool and Newcastle footballer, Michael Owen has been mocked by colleagues and Love Island viewers for his daughter’s appearance on the show. Gemma Owen is a current contestant on Love Island this year, much to her father’s dismay. The 19-year-old has caused a social media divide among viewers of the reality show due to her age. Some people have argued she is too young to appear on the show and have even called for a higher minimum age limit. Last night, viewers saw Gemma couple up with 27-year-old Davide Sanclimenti, and fans of the show were not impressed.

Michael Owen wished his daughter well when she first went onto Love Island but has since asked people to not bring up her being on the show. Speaking to ITV News, the former striker said: “I have no doubts that she will make us all proud. It’s probably a father’s worst nightmare, but whatever she wants to do. You’ve got to be supportive.

“It’s been different without her in the house. I’ve got other kids and my wife, and it’s been quite tough because she’s had to switch her phone off and we’ve had no contact for a couple of weeks so that’s been the hard bit. I’ve heard a lot about it. I think old, grumpy men like me will always have an opinion on it because I don’t watch it and you just hear the snippets, but she assures me that it’s not as bad as I think. So, we’ll give it a watch and I hope she enjoys herself.”

Michael Owen and his daughter Gemma Owen who is currently a contestant in Love Island

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Ahead of the England v Germany football friendly, Michael Owen was a presenter and was teased by the other pundits about Gemma being on the dating show. Owen was introduced by fellow presenter Jules Breach, as “the father of Love Island’s Gemma Owen”. She continued to say: “Michael Owen here with us, a big night for the Owens last night, Michael, how are you feeling today?” The football legend put his hands over his face and replied: “Jules, I came all the way to Germany to try and avoid all that back at home, but you’ve brought it up straight away. I am feeling alright thank you. This is taking my mind off it so don’t bring it back up.”

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