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MIC’s Victoria’s ex-fiancé sentenced to seven years in jail for art fraud

Victoria was at his sentencing yesterday

Inigo Philbrick, the ex-fiancé of Made in Chelsea’s Victoria Baker-Haber, has been sentenced to seven years in jail for fraud.

Philbrick had previously pled guilty to wire fraud of $86million. He had been caught for conning art buyers by selling 100 per cent ownership in an artwork to multiple investors, sold pieces of art as colateral for loans without the knowledge of the owners, and created fraudulent documents to “inflate the value of artworks.”

Appearing in court yesterday, dressed in brown prison clothes, Philbrick described his behaviour as “outrageous and inexcusable” and apologised for “disastrous and destructive acts.”

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Federal guidelines called for 10 to 12 years imprisonment, however, Philbrick’s lawyer argued for a more lenient sentence due to the media coverage of the trial and the impact Philbrick’s parents’ divorce had on him as a teenager.

The judge said: “You’re blaming that? Because his parents divorced.” Philbrick was given a seven year sentence and the two years he has already served in custody will be included.  Philbrick has also agreed to pay the $86million in restitution.

Victoria appeared at the sentencing yesterday alongside Philbrick’s mother. Victoria shares a daughter, Gaia-Grace, with Philbrick, who was born whilst Philbrick was in jail.

In 2020, Philbrick was tracked down and arrested in an island in the South Pacific after failing to appear in court for his crimes. He has been held in jail ever since.

Victoria started dating Philbrick in 2017 and announced in 2020 she was expecting their first child. Though they were together when he was initially arrested, Victoria said during a recent episode of Made in Chelsea she is now single and dating.

At the end of his sentencing yesterday Philbrick blew a kiss towards his supporters in the gallery.

On her Instagram stories yesterday Victoria said she was now ready to speak about Philbrick’s case as she was the only one who would be able to tell the real story.

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