Who is Sophie from Gogglebox’s new boyfriend?

He’s already met her uncle, Paul Chuckle

One of the best bits about Gogglebox are the side characters who exist shrouded in mystery off-screen. I’m talking Izzi’s Grant, Lee’s mysterious boyfriend and of course, Pete’s Paige. All we ever heard about from the Sandiford sofa was stories about Paige and their kid. That was until very recently, when his sister Sophie revealed she now has a boyfriend. On last weeks episode of Gogglebox, Sophie said: “Really good, yeah. I’ve snared myself a hunk.”

Sophie Sandiford revealed her new fella on Instagram last week

Sophie launched her boyfriend on Instagram last week when she attended a family wedding with Pete and Paige. Meet Irish heartthrob Ben McKeown.


Ben McKeown (Left), Sophie, Paige, Pete (right)

YES, Ben McKeown has met Sophie’s uncle, Paul Chuckle

Sophie’s uncle, Paul Chuckle of critically-acclaimed drama The Chuckle Brothers, commented on wedding pic: “Looking good guys great to see you all yesterday with @juliejohnson31 @cunny246 to celebrate Jack and @emma_louuise_ wedding.. you all look stunning but didn’t look like that at end of the night 🥴😂😂xx”

He also shared another snap from the wedding on Instagram, proving that Ben has firmly embedded himself within the Chuckle dynasty.


Paul Chuckle (left) and the rest of the wedding party

Paul wrote: “What an amazing weekend and a fantastic day yesterday celebrating our youngest son Jack’s marriage to @emma_louuise_ with family and friends.”

Apparently he’s got a weapon…Ben, not Paul

Sophie shared a snap from a date night with Ben during which he held up a sign saying: “Well hung.” But, that needs to be taken with a pinch of salt as we’re not 100 per cent certain Sophie really passes the time poisoning wells…

He’s a man of mystery

His Instagram is on private and his LinkedIn remains elusive, so that’s all we really know about Ben McKeown. Maybe as Sophie drops more lines about him into Gogglebox episodes, his mysterious character will slowly be revealed.

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